The Cyberian Opinion Sea

I am a writer primarily, and like most writers, I rarely make any money off of my craft. Someday, I hope to, but I have a computer--er, family to support. Everything here can be shared with other people, but please understand these are all copyrighted by Grig Larson, and most have actually been submitted to the US Copyright Office as part of my normal protection. Comments are always appreciated. One last note, I do suffer from a mild dyslexia, so please forgive my spelling errors and other weird stuff that creeps into my writings. I believe in content over presentation. But don't let that stop you from commenting! Enjoy!

*Outside the Cyberworld

These are works that you see me read at the various conventions. Only one has been published so far, but more are coming soon!


Har har har... I think I'm funny! Maybe you will, too.

*Punkie's Soapbox

You know what makes me mad? No? You will now!

*True Tales

These are stories from my life that have actually happened, as unbelievable as they may seem. These are some of my Life's best (or worst) moments.

*How To...

Here are examples of how to do things that I have learned. This will probably have its own site after a while, but they will be here for now.

*Writing Projects

Here are some snippets of fiction I am working on, plus some oldies I have written in the past. Some are rather big files, so it may take your browser a while to load them.

*Event Reviews

This is a list of places I have been to, and reported for one reason or another.

*Temple of Bastet

Descriptions of cats and other mammals that have graced my life.
Moved to photos.


What wouldn't fit elsewhere.
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