What's Noo?


Here are listed my most recent updates to this site. I have always believed "A good web site is always under construction, unless it states it is under construction, then it's just asking for pity." So... wait, then it's not under constuction, then. But, wait, that means it's stagnating, and there is no reason to go back! Wait, wait, come back...! Okay, let's agree that it is forever... um, evolving. Yeah, evolving... like uh... something that... um... evolves.

Recent updates:

Make sure to check out my new blog, it's updated more often than this page! So don't you worry! If at anytime, you have a complaint that something went wrong, is an odd color, HTML was wrong, or you simply like or dislike something on my page, mail me, or tell me to my face... you coward! :)

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