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So, what about me? Who is this guy? Grig "Punkie" Larson, why is he called "Punkie," or "Grig," for that matter? This page is for people that want to know a little bit about me, a lot about me, or those who know about me, so they can find out more about me. I have a new thing, off to the right, you should see the new A IM Remote (TM). I might be online to chat! Or, maybe not. I am often busy, but if I am online, I will at least say hi.
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Basic Info

Punkie's Diary - A play-by-play of the years

Many people ask me, "What's up, Meester Walrus?" Well, only those with speech impediments. But I have an online diary of sorts, filled with events in my life for those who want to know the real man behind the myth. This diary was really started so that I could cut and paste a lot of mail I get from people I haven't seen in a while, and also so I can keep track of what has been going on, and how far I have come. My life is fairly interesting, and I feel if I don't write some of it down, I'll forget or even worse, distort it.

My recent and future publications

Advanced Punkie Knowledge - For the obsessed stalker

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