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It's 2003, and my web site has some new enhancements, and a few creaky parts showing its age. I haven't done a major overhaul in years, and don't even know if I still have the Skellington or Beach TTF fonts I originally wrote some of the graphics in. This year, there will be some major changes.

First, I have dropped all my convention work after Katsucon 9. This is because I am taking 2003 off to goof around and relax a little. I am behind on my family and general house work, so this should help as well. Does this mean I won't be going to conventions anymore? Certainly not! I will still be doing *at convention* work, like Emcee jobs and panels, but all pre-planning (pre-reg, program planning, etc) will be dropped for several years or more. Why?

Because I plan to return to writing. The year 2003 means it's been ten years since the release of my first and only book, and I haven't even written a single article since then. I will be subscribing back to F&SF, Cricket, Cicada and other literary magazines in that genre to see what's being published and accepted. I plan to aim for the young adult/adult market in sci-fi and comedy. By 2004, I hope to have some works ready for publishing. This is a big step for me, and it's long overdue.

Part of this is going to be captured in my new blog or journal or online diary or whatever you want to call it. This will be a brain dump about where I came from, what I am doing now, and where I plan to go. It will serve as a map to who I am, so I don't get lost. Some entries will be dull, some will be interesting, and some will be so bizarre, it will be hard to figure out what to think. But it's all real, buddy. Right from my head to your eyes.

When I get around to it by summer of this year, I hope to have some changes on this site to reflect the new Punkie of 2003.

And as always, we are coming to you from Washington, DC, the capital of the United States, This is the Official Home Page of Grig "Punkie" Larson, a sort of creative rest stop on the information superhighway. Here you can find out what I am up to, read some of my works, find out where I am going, and see what I am reading on the web. This is for my friends and family alike, with the aim and intent to entertain, educate, and illuminate. But if you don't know me, that's even better! I *love* meeting new people! Please feel free to browse around and send me comments! Here are some main starting points:

[ Home ] will take you right back to this main page. Sometime, when you feel lost, just click on the home button, and all will be better.

[ What's New ] shows recent updates and corrections made to this site. This is a good site to bookmark if you are not subscribed to my mailing list, and want to see what's changed since your last visit. I am always changing things around, just ask my pals!

[ About Me ] is an area that will describe me. This is a must for those who want to know about me, and especially for those who don't. From cradle to last Tuesday, find links to my sordid biography, escapades, latest writings, event reviews, and other personal stuff.

[ My Writings ] will take you directly to my online bank of words that have been made into sentences. Occasionally, you will find works that actually make sense. Some of my older work that hasn't been copyrighted by someone else is here, along with unique rants and raves found only on the web.

[ Web Links ] Okay, this part is really old and outdated. Half the links are dead, and the other half are probably pretty pointless now. I plan on changing this site in a big way by Summer of 2003.

[ Post Office ] is the central mail area to send me comments, suggestions, corrections, insults, and other things you wish to tell me. You can also read some letters I have selected as my "best of" category, and find ways to join my mailing list.

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