One Big Gift

For months, Brad told me he had Christine's birthday gift, but he was unable to come to the house to deliver it. Finally, when he came to the Rocky Party in March of 1999, he brought it by.

He told me it'd be huge. I knew it was a giant stuffed dragon, but I had forgotten until Brad said he was going to need help taking it out of the car. "Oh, no," I thought, "just how big is it really?" It turns out he just needed me to open doors for him. He didn't bother to wrap it, which considering the size and bulk, in completely understandable.

She stands almost 3 feet high, over 4 feet long, and about 2 feet wide. She's made of some sort of heavy-duty vinal skin, possibly the kind used to make camping tents. She is mostly a dark green, with blue feet and white claws. Her head is slightly shaped like a large peanut, with bulging eyes and oversized fangs. Dispite her bug eyes, she actually commands as fairly professional and regal looks, with a hint of power, but not so much that she's malignant. On her back if a bright blue stripe with alternating red and orange crennelations that end at a stumpy tail. She has a pair of magenta wings, two magenta and blue twirly horns, and a black saddle with a loop. The saddle has a fleur-de-lis pattern on it, suggesting she may be French. She'd pretty tightly held together, but I don't think she's made for a kid to jump on (kids can be rough on toys). Her belly is a dark yellow, with a mysterious zipper with no pull, suggesting hints as to her manufacturing process. Last but not least, she has a simple tag that reads:

The Manhattan Toy Company
c. 1998. All New Materials. Polyester stuffing and polystyrene beads. Flame resistant. F1. Surface Washable. Made in China.

Along with another tage that has some care instructions and "do not remove under penalty of law", both in English and French. Kind of ironic that she's "flame resistant." Saint George had difficulty killing a beast that was made of polyester stuffing and was surface washable? What a whimp.

In this picture, for size comparison, we see the dragon (who has yet to be named) filling up my main hallway (where she was close to my Quick Cam) next to a small Totoro (hey... those are *my* acorns he's stealing!), a penguin, a punk walrus, and a Mr. Potato Head.

One last note: Thank you Brad! :)

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