T H E    O F F I C I A L    P U N K A D Y N E    N E W S L E T T E R

Is your mailbox boring? Was the most exciting thing you saw recently was a flamewar on the Bjork mailing list? Do you think the Internet has nothing entertaining to offer? Well, I agree. Let's quit and become Luddites together. C'mon, it'll be fun, bring the family. Screw the web.

Okay, so you don't want to be a Luddite, either. But you fear joining mailing lists will fill you box more full of spam than a picnic of Hormel product testers. Well, there is hope. Out of all of the newsletters out there, this is definately one of them.

It is sent out weekly, around the weekend, and contains humor, weird news items, links, files, quotes, and my weekly rant. If you couldn't get enough of Punkie at the sci-fi cons, you will definately get enough of this newsletter! And it's free! Your e-mail address is confidential, and the format is currently text only. And until I get paying sponsors, ad-free!

NOTE: If you used to get my humor list, you were automatically added! isn't life just great?

If at any time, you with to subscribe or unsubscribe yourself off this list, send e-mail to:

With only this text in the body of the letter (title can be anything and make sure to take out your signature file if you have one):
SUBSCRIBE PUNKIE - to subscribe to the list
UNSUBSCRIBE PUNKIE - to remove yourself from the list
If you want to send me a submission for the newsletter, make sure it fits the guidelines below, and send it to:
Yes, an archive is in the works.

Newsletter Guidelines and Philosophy

All humor tries to be clean, with no ratings above PG-13. Occasionally you'll see a few religious jokes, but if I think it will offend anyone, I'll post a warning. I try to focus on more intelligent humor and news items. You will never see any jokes on the following:

lawyers, blondes, body humor, insults, pop politics (no Clinton or Limbaugh jokes, for example), mean-spirited humor, making fun of religious beliefs, racial differences, differences between the sexes, or physical differences (like fat jokes or humor about short people).
Do not send me any. I also try to avoid dorky humor, and will never send you any hoax warnings about the latest viruses or try to get you to give to some cause.

I try to avoid repeating items that have ended up in your mailbox 50 times in the last week. I try to find more original humor from various lists I subscribe to, on the web, as well as submissions from readers. Note that if you subscribe to other humor lists (including sharing friends of mine), you may get some repeats. But I have been on e-mail humor lists since 1990, and I know what's been circulating and resurfacing year after year.

I do my best to strip out headers, brackets, CC:'s, ">>"s, HTML codes, and reformat the humor so it is pleasant to read and easy on the eyes. I don't change misspellings or grammar errors because I try to post it the way the author did, and since my own spelling isn't that great anyway, why criticize?

I try my best to give credit where credit is due. But a lot of jokes I get are 50th generation mail forwards, and author names have been known to get lost. If you send me humor, please tell me where you got it from (if you know), so I can credit the humor to the appropriate places. With the exception of my weekly rant, none of what I send is not original work by me. If you want to see some more of my original stuff, look at my Cybertusk Site.

I promise, I will never, ever, ever sell or give away your name or e-mail addresses, even if asked nicely. My friends and list members respect their privacy, and I do, too.

I always accept submissions (as long as they follow my guidelines). Keep in mind that if I like your humor and post it, you'll get it back. Do not yell at me, "I just sent you that, you turkey!" Take it as a complement. Feel free to e-mail me to submit humor, let me know what you think, or just what's on your mind. I may not get a chance (or think of anything witty) to reply, but I read my mail almost daily, so I will most likely get it.

I would like to thank my friend Jay at AZStarNet for the opportunity to put this list on his server. I also want to that Bigfoot for this free forwarding service. But most of all, I want to thank all my readers for their support, submissions, and kindness for the last few years. You guys are the best.

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