Happy New Year 2004!

Normally, we spend new Year's with our friend Jason, but he had a date with a girl in Boston, so we went to Sean's house. I ordered some paper blow-outs, gloom tubes, and deely-boppers with stars on them. Sean had a Luau theme. We had a blast!
Hula gal
Chance and Scarlet, Sean's kids, danced for us as a greeting to the Luau.
Shake yer Chilean booty!
Scarlet learned a Chilean dance while she was in Chile a few weeks earlier, which she sort of performed for us when we asked. Kinda. Aw, come on! Please, Scarlet?
Would you buy a car from this man?
Sean's stars got twisted. There are other parts of him that are twisted, but you can't show that in a photo.
I am not drunk!
Sawa gets cozy with her cup.
The A-Team
Group shot of Brad, Sawa, my lovely Chrissy, and Louann.
Kris and her friend from High School, Heidi. Best Friends 4-Evar!


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