Miscellaneous Pictures

These are photos that don't have a category, or there are too few of them to warrant their own photo page. I have them up here because sometimes I need to point the URL to someone to say, "Hey, look at this!"

The azelias in the front of our house are beautiful in the spring. Sorry the photo fades at the top, I later found out there was a big ol' thumbprint on the lens.

We have this HUGE dogwood tree in the backyard that is so beautiful in the spring!
Var sa god!
This is our "Swedish themed" dining room. We have Ikea hardwood furniture, some stuff I picked up in Sweden, and although you can't see it, the opposite wall has prints from Carl Larson. The green print on the far wall is the other painting my mother did that I still know exists.

Bloop... bloop...
The fish tank in our bedroom. Or as we call it, "Thisby-vision."
Calling all aliens... Sanrio standing by for next set of instructions...
This was the "Hello Kitty" Radio we were forced to buy for Hurricane Isabel, but it's resting atop my SETI machines. There the three on top, and under the table there are two more. I also have a few in my den.
This was a hand-painted piece done by a Japanese artist we met at a craft show. We have several pieces by him, but this is one of our favorites.

Attaaaaack... of the Killer Tomatoes!
This is one HUGE tomato plant I grew in 2003 (before Hurricane Isabel flattened it). You can't really see the size of scale, but it's about two meters in diameter. It was one of four that I planted, and the only one that survived. The base stem was as thick as my thumb, and under that mass are three normal-size tomato wickets. It grew well over two dozen fist-sized tomatoes. This is from out "Herloom seeds," which have been in Christine's family since the early 1800s, handed down, hand grown, and hand-seeded every year since then.
Round Cow... moo again

Jo: Cow.
Melissa: I gotta go Julia, we've got cows.
Jo: 'Nother cow.
Bill: Actually, I think it was the same one.

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