EveCon 21... Memories That Last a Lifetime

It was the last EveCon ever, after 21 years of great times with great friends. Many old FanTekkers came out of the woodwork to say goodbye. Had I had half a brain, I would have photographed them. Many of my shots came out dark and blurred, too. Here's some of the cream of the crop, saying their final goodbyes with a last con blowout!
Tiny bubbles...
My last EveCon Opening Ceremonies. Bruce and Cheryl never did get a good replacement, so I have been standing in for ... 10 years or so. I truly enjoyed my work, and will miss my crowds.
Turn around!
Bruce and Cheryl, who have been running EveCon and CastleCon for 21 and 19 years, respectively. Two of my best friends. You can't see it in this photo, but Cheryl's sweater was peppered with those ultra-bright flashing LEDs.
Security and Band-Aid's last speech about drinking more water. No more bunny suits.
So... ven did you start hating your motha?
Our cute, perky-Goth, psychologist pal, April, singing Karaoke. She's studying to become a brain surgeon. No, really.
La la la la... LINOLEUM!
Kris Trader and Sawa, belting out tunes through the laughter. Kris illustrated my second Punk Walrus book, which has yet to be published. Sawa did not, but she's okay, anyway. Besides, the karaoke machine is hers, and she'll take it away if we don't let her sing! :)
I'll pick her to operate on MY brain, doctor!
Acting out the dreams of a thousand fanboys, a future brain specialist reenacts the famous Leia slave girl costume for all to see. The costume is all hand-made by her.
Bruce, Bruce, Bruce and Cheryl... Bruce, Bruce, Bruce and Cheryl...
Presented with their engraved goblets by Pat, computer room guru, we all toast each other for finding friends for all these years in fandom!
The future of fandom
A group photo, showing many the kids born into fandom since EveCon started. Perhaps this bunch of bright young hopefuls will run the conventions in the coming decades.


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