She and Me and a Baby Makes Three

Me, in all my bland glory

Grig Larson - a.k.a "Punkie"

Here I am, at age 30. Tall, overweight, nearsighted, and usually smiling. I have already gone over myself in my biography, so I don't have really a lot left to say. I have worn glasses since I was about 14, got the shirt from Lands End, and snapped this picture of me in February. This picture was taken by me in front of my computer (look close to see the monitor reflection in my glasses) using my Quick Cam Pro, a product I am not too happy with. The picture quality is okay, but it has all kinds of problems with the USB port. I took this picture at my desk, edited out the rest of my den with Paint Shop Pro, generated the landscape behind me with Terragen, a kick-ass terrain-generation program, and then I did some final touch up work. Kind of gives me a strange Children's Bible backdrop quality, doesn't it?

Just take the stinkin' picture, daddy!

Chris Raven - Son of Punkie

Here is my pride and joy, Christopher Raven, my son. Pride and joy is so flabby and overused. I would have to state that Chris (or "CR" as he has been known over the Internet) is a wonderful child, a good friend, a wonderful conversationalist, creative and sympathetic, with a smile that lights up his whole face (which isn't represented well here, since the aforementioned Quick Cam takes SO long to develop a picture, and you don't know what second it captured the picture until it develops). The background is Terragen again, with a neat starfield touch provided by Universe. CR has his own page on here, somewhere... now where did I put it?
Makes the Mona Lisa look like Trailer Trash

Christine - a.k.a. "Takayla"

She hasn't given me approval of what picture she wants up. I met Christine at a Balticon in 1988, and we fell in love, got married in 1989, and had a son in 1990. A child of mixed ancestory, this Gyspy mix came to me from West Virginia and has been the very reason of my existance. She is witty, talented, creative, and that's just to start. She is also a good cook, an artist, a cake decorator, and a strong front man for my operations as a parent. While I handle the cooking, cleaning, and finances, Christine handles the intricate diplomacy of the school, insurance companies, and basically getting things done that I cannot do for reasons I have yet to understand. Christine is the strength behind the term "better half." We are a team, and I am glad to have her as a player. We are still in love as much, if not more since 1989.

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