Punk Walrus's
"Field Trips for Peace"

When was the last time you took a field trip? High School? Sixth Grade? Kindergarten? Sheesh! It has been a long time! And I bet it wasn't that fun, was it? First, you had to get your parents to fill out a permission slip, and then if you didn't forget to do that, the teacher would drag you and other rowdy kids (including mean Chris Duplexis who would stick wet things in your ear) to some god-forsaken place that no one would go to even at gunpoint, and be forced to listen to incredibly boring lecturers who had about as much inflection in their voice as a dying kazoo. And if you went to someplace (heaven help you!) that was even the remotest bit interesting, they would make you fill out a ditto sheet that one could only find answers to in some dusty, forgotten exhibit (like the cultural impact of the tree sloth on the Ubangee Tribe), and suck the fun out of your trip faster than a depressing girlfriend reading gothic poetry at a high-school prom.

Well, now you can do what you always wanted to do back then! No, not sniff mimeograph ink until the walls melted away, and no, not burn down the Historical Re-enactment of a real Millstone Factory Worker's Day Museum. You can go on a field trip and have fun! Really, you can! Honestly! Yeah, you are an adult now, and you can go to a museum at anytime you want to, but have you ever done it with a group of people who are like you (the field trips, I mean, you sick pervert!)? Well now you can, with our new program, "Punk Walrus Field Trips For Peace."

It's been a few years since the last field trip. I think this year, once I get a shift where I don't work weekend, we're going to bring these up again. I think I'll incorporate it with Strange Tea, plus have some days out at the mall, maybe go on movie nights. Trips we have gone on so far:

The Smithsonian Zoo
Most of The FanTek House and friends went to this field trip, and we had a great time. Bruce Evry communicated with the squids, and since it was close to my birthday, some people brought me presents! My friend Albedo said it was my "Happy Bird-day", and gave me this mini book about Audubon, and a small twisty wooden bird caller. We had a blast, although we walked ourselves to death.
The Smithsonian Museums
Albedo was the only one who showed up for this, mostly because it was really, really hot, and the metro was down for a little while. We waited for others to show up, but finally we just went and saw the Air and Space Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Modern Art (where they confiscated my bookbag!)
The movie, "The Mask"
Wow, what a movie! About 6 people showed up, Albedo, Anne, Seth, and a few others I can't remember (sorry guys!). We saw the 7:05 showing and it was great! One snag, though, someone looking for us never found us, and got pretty mad, even though we looked for him. This taught me to be real anal about when and where we'll show up.
The movie, "Waterworld"
This was such a horrible film, I wish I'd brought beach balls. It has its own page though, so click on the link above for details.
...and even MARS!
We met Seth and Anne at the Chryse Marriot, and then went roving about. Albedo almost lost his pressure suit at the Mon Olympus Arcade, but it turns out he left it on the rover. We had a lot of fun, although the Carbon Dioxide atmosphere made all our voices sound like croaking frogs. And in the low gravity, dust gets everywhere! I am still finding red dust in all my suitcases. Okay, the Mars deal was a publicity stunt, but who knows where we'll go to next? Stay tuned and find out!
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