2000 - Hopefully a long, long time

Take a good look. You won't have much time. Thisby we "rescued" from Florida, when she lived with a woman with 21 cats. We think she's brain damaged because she is completely terrified of people, can't meow, has seziures when she gets too excited, and has very poor depth perception. She spends 90% of her day under the bed. Her fear is confusingly mixed with her intense curiosity. She likes to sneak out from the bed to look at something, but when she gets close to it, freaks out and runs away...
Go away!
Here's what she looks like under the bed. She stays there most of the time, scared to death. She is starting to come out more, and has bonded a little with my wife, but she hates men and children very much.
Best friends
Oreo was the only cat Thisby liked. Oreo became a "gateway" to Thisby, and it was starting to work out well, but then Oreo died in 2001. Now Thisby will play with Cosmo, but she stays pretty much to herself. She's like our ghost cat.
Piss off!
We got this picture after she'd been fixed (and thus, drugged); she's hard to catch out from under the bed and get to a vet. Thisby doesn't take being touched, she had seriously clawed and seriously bitten myself as well as Christine. We're hoping she mellows with age.


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