Miscellaneous Pictures

These are photos that don't have a category, or there are too few of them to warrant their own photo page. I have them up here because sometimes I need to point the URL to someone to say, "Hey, look at this!"
Christine's Computer
My wife built this computer. Isn't it cool? It has bubble lights in the front, and a clear panel on the side with like 5 fans and a blue cathode light.
Immmm... dreaming... of a fat guy in the snow...
Proof it snowed in Christmas of 2002. First White Christmas since... 1972. Next one in 2032?
Cow... moo
I'm a cow. Moo.
Round Cow... moo again
How now round cow? I got this cow at some toystore. It used to "moo" when you tossed it, but my son ripped out the voice box when he was 4 or something. It was once used in a rave, tossed around to Green Jelly's "Obey the Cow God."
Needs better IP stack
At Evecon 20, we tried connecting an abacus to the LAN in the computer room. It didn't work. So we thought maybe it needed cooling, so we added the heat sink, but it still didn't work. Finally, someone pointed out this was not an abacus, but a child's counting toy. So we balmed Microsoft and changed the subject.
Red Hat
I originally made this photo to show how Red Hat installs, but they all came out blurry, and this was the only one that looked nice. The machine? His name's Gryphon. An AMDK5/133 with 32mb RAM, 2gb hard drive space, CDROM and a bitchin' 4MB Matrox Video card. Woo-hoo! The Red Hat install barfed all over it, even when doing a minimal install. So I put in OpenBSD and now it's computing Seti signals in our guest room.
Moldy oldie from the vaults... like a .bat file outta hell
You think that last computer was old? Check this out. A Compaq Personal III. It's a 286 with 12mhz of blazing speed on 2.4mb of RAM. A 20mb hard drive stores DOS 6.22 nicely. Plasma gas screen. I used it as a terminal to connect to my Sun Spac20 and a Cisco 2516 Router. This was made before laptops, and a system like this was called a "luggable." Note the screen shows someone was playing DOS Jeopardy.
Ugly-assed wall paneling

We have this really ugly wall paneling in our downstairs bathroom. It's pink and beige, with little flowers and big flowers. The paneling was not put in plumb by the previous owners, so the stripes don't match up at the corners. On one wall, the pattern is even upside-down. It's been glued flat, so when we replace it, we'll have to rip out all the drywall with it. So here it stays... for now.

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