Links about Books and Literature

What's on my bookshelf? Books have been my fare for the most part, and I admire writers that have spunk and style without worrying about whether anyone cares what they write or not. I have included "children's authors", because I think people should read them as an adult, too.

I also like Peter Benchley, Scott Cunningham, Punkie, Shel Silversteen, George Selden, D. Allen Murphy, and a myriad of other authors I have read over the many years but either have no pages yet, or I have forgotten their name...

Online Essays in Their Own Right

Some people don't need to be published in a book or magazine, so here are some sites that are worth reading, because they are funny, introspective, and/or worth some monitor neckache to sit and read.

There are also various literary oganizations on the web, like E-Text, an organization dedicated to getting books in print on the web, and some science fiction organzations like WFSA and BSFS, both local to me.

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