Family Trip to Vegas 2001

Hard to believe we've been married, happily married, for 12 years! But it's true. On the urgent requests of our friend and traveling companion Brad, we decided to vacation and celebrate our anniversary in Las Vegas. So we packed the family up, and went west. Too far west. In fact, our flight went from DC to Los Angeles, and then back to Nevada. Chrsitne fell in love with LA for the whole 3 hours that we were there. She's hopeless.

Note: some of thse photos were taken by my 11 year old son, Christopher (CR).

Welcome to Vegas! The airport is very nice, much nicer than it used to be when I visited back in 1994.

Where do aliens and covert G-Men get their supplies? YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO KNOW THAT!! But here's where we got some goofy gifts for the folks back home.

The entrance to the Luxor. The hotel was VERY nice, by the desk people were kind of rude. The photos taken inside do not reflect the true majesty of this place. Because there is nothing but vast open space inside the pyramid, most of the photos we took simply didn't come out on our little flash camera. They came out too dark. The casino IS well-lit, and truly inspiring.

Some slot machines. I didn't gamble much. I played some nickel slots, a few poker machines, and some BJ Blackjack. I didn't play the tables, they went too fast for me.

View from our window. Very nice mountain backdrop. Being in a room on the side of a pyramid was interesting, since the windows sharply slanted inwards. You'd go to see out the window and bang your head on the glass.

View from other window [hold mouse over image to see night picture]. At night, lights shoot up the vertexes of the pyramid, and when we lay on our back and looked up, we could see the 600 bazzilion watt searchlight shoot up into the sky.

Christine. I wonder how she stays married to me?

Christine and I in front of the hot tub. We didn't use the hot tub much, so the extra cost was kind of a waste.

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