Punkie's Pals

I am blessed with a LOT of friends. Some of them have web pages, some of them don't. You can look at their pages in my chum section, but here are my personal faves of my friends over the years. There are more scattered through some of my essays and even reviews.

Christine and Dee and Cancun. Dee was our Maid of Honor at our wedding, and currently lives in Pennsylvania. We gave her a trip to Cancun, because she'd never even been on a plane or even out of the country. She had a great time.

Here's my friend Travis (from "Team Chicken Salad") with a old Prune, Missie. Missie was one of Prune Bran's major actress starlets, and now runs a major campaign about eating disorder awareness (she had a big rally in DC in April). This was taken at my 33rd birthday party.

Here's Dave and Gorm (Jasen), the other two members of Team Chicken Salad, with Rogue (who always ends up in photos for some reason). As you can guess, my birthday party in 2002 had a Hawaiian theme. It was really cool.

More party pics with Gorm, Travis, and my dear friend Tynie (also an artist formerly know as a Prune). Tynie always played Worf in our Star Trek skits. He was the only one who could fit the part.
Jeni and Lou-ann
Here's Jeni and Louann, not running the CastleCon registration table. Nope. You didn't seem them there, not at all.
Sawah fwiend...
Here's Sara, looking as always like she's up to something. A creative performance artist gone teacher, she's a staple of the art show and various parties we throw. We always say, "Sawah Fwiend!" like Ludo from Jim Henson's "Labyrinth." Yeah, we're all pathetic. :)
Nate and Jen, sittin' in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
Here's my pal Nate (Nathaniel) with his wife Jen. They rule. They live in Nowhe-- er, Lompc, California, which may not be the end of the world, but you can see it from there.
Dave and Roberta
You've seen Dave earlier, but Travis and Dave brought us a good friend, Roberta. Very animated,very fun.
Missy play with bubbles!
Missie? Stop playing games at Christine's party and be social! This is Missie the Librarian again, at one my wife's famous drinking parties. Sometimes we call Missie "Millie Plokin" because we're just hysterical.
Sawah's Wide...
Josh, our friend we snagged from the jaws of Katsucon, runs the game room for them. He is also a great guy, and fun to be with. he's also the bringer of Sara sometimes, bravely rescuing her from where she works.

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