Punkie's Pals

I am blessed with a LOT of friends. Some of them have web pages, some of them don't. You can look at their pages in my chum section, but here are my personal faves of my friends over the years. There are more scattered through some of my essays and even reviews.
Bruce and Cheryl
Bruce and Cheryl, dressed in their finery for our friend Dan and April's wedding. It's hard to get pictures of these two when they are not running a convention, but we got one! All of us drove from the DC area to Cleveland to attend this wedding.
Dan and April
Here are Dan and April getting married. I have known Dan since he was a teen, back when he wanted to be an astrophysicist. Now he's a music teacher, which sounds like the premise of a bad sitcom. April we have known since she started dating Dan, and she's really, really cool. She's studying to become a psychiatrist, which means she's crazier than the rest of us. :D Both Dan and April run FanTek Tech currently.
Nate and Jenn
Well, Nate wanted to get married, and so he did! To a wonderful girl named Jenn. Here is their bridal photo they sent us. Nate, move back! That coward went all the way to some out-of-the-way Californian place called "Lompoc." What a weenie!
Tiger at Otakon
While I didn't catch any film of Otakon staff abusing people (and I should have), I did get a photo of my con buddy Tiger, who makes leather masks. She worked across from the Katsucon table, and we stared at each other all day. She also had a booth at the disastrous Imaginecon. We have to pick better venues, Tiger! :D

Andy, asleep at the wheel again. It was hard running that table. The merchant's room was hot, stuffy, and very crowded. Of course, don't sleep too long Andy...

... or this may happen to you! Okay, this was some period where Andy was "losing bets" to his friends. I am not sure what "friends" or "bets," but this is the result. The previous loss he only had to wear a skirt. If he loses another bet, he might actually have to commit homoerotic pornographic acts on film. That I will NOT take pictures of.

Christine runs the FanTek art shows, and always has some sort of theme going. Here was her staff for Evecon 19, which had a "Mad Hatter Tea Party" theme.

Here are some closeups. April makes a good Alice, don't you think? Jeni is the March hare, while Sara plays the doormouse. Her part was easy, she got to sleep. Christine is not playing Ozzy Osbourne, she's the Mad Hatter. All night, they kept yelling, "Switch!" and they would shuffle places.

Here's a picture of Jeni and Tracie. Aren't they cute?

I don't when this was taken, but Tracie decided to send a photo of herself on a Texas longhorn. She was for years trying to convince us to move to Texas. Now she wants to move back here. The steer has to stay, dear.

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