Dedicated to the Woman I Love the Most

She's bright, witty, charming, funny, tough, smart, street-wise, creative, artistic, and the mother of our child. She also hates to be photographed. I don't care. I am putting this page up so I can be cheered up at work when things go bad.

Even at an early age, she hated to be photographed. She was probably mad about her birth date, which fell on a federal holiday called, "Christmas."

Six years later, she's a little better about it. Isn't she adorable? She's the button-cute one on the lower left. At least no one forgot this year. Her own mother would forget her birthday. Sheesh!

Here she is, graduating with honors from Keyser High, 100th class to graduate from that school.

Here we are, a-courtin' back in late 1988. We got married the following year.

This was taken the night after I met her, at Balticon 23. I had just came back from working Nancy's Button Table, and she was working Betty's table. I gave up a dinner with Tim Hildebrandt to date her. I never regret it.

Christine also used to act and write for Prune Bran. Here she is in 1994 with Prune Bran founder and main script writer, Rick MacKinnon, doing yet another Zombie/Rod Serling joke.

Christine is also a master MSAccess programmer, and wrote a miraculous program that saved an International shipping company $100,000 a year in lost cargo and revenue.

Christine also dresses up in Renaissance outfits and travels the local Renn Faires (now there is only one in Maryland). Here she is at the Maryland Renn Fest with Rogue and our friend Nate.

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