Dedicated to the Woman I Love the Most

She's bright, witty, charming, funny, tough, smart, street-wise, creative, artistic, and the mother of our child. She also hates to be photographed. I don't care. I am putting this page up so I can be cheered up at work when things go bad.

Christine at the 1995 Art Show Gala. She ran the FanTek art show for over six years before handing it off to our friend Moria.

A foreshadow to 2001, Christine makes friends with a Vegas showgirl at our 1999 company Christmas party.

Christine, with her friend Jeni and the famous singing group, "Women of Whimsey."

Here is Christine's Art show brigade, just before showtime. The guy in the dragon suit is our friend Brad.

Oh, did I mention Christine is a pool shark? She's the reason we have a huge pool table in our rec room.

Christine's Casting picture. Aw haw haw haw... truthfully, in 2001, she broke her left ankle and twisted her right, and was bedridden for a while. She got the cast off by 2002, but now has to have a metal plate in her leg until 2004. Ugh.

Here is an example of one of her most recent pieces that sold for a high amount at an Anime Art Show

Christine gets to travel a lot, and meet really cool people. Here she is with famed psychic, Rosemary Altea, during one of her training seminars.

What Christine will probably do when she sees I put this up.

Christine's 2003 Birthday. She was born ON Christmas day, so we had to hold is days before, at Hama Sushi in Herndon.

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