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Välkommen to my Swedish Page, a dedication to all things that I think are cool Swedish things. You will find all kinds of links to Swedish Web Sites that I found cool. Also, since my relatives live in Northern Sweden, so this page will be slanted heavily towards Norbotten and Lappland. Most tour books won't even recognize anything North of Dalarna, as if nothing but pine trees and Reindeer inhabit those Nether-regions.

Why Swedish?

Gosh, why not? I love the Swedes and Swedish life. I guess I am predjudiced, since I am 7/8ths confirmed Swede, and my mother, who raised me most of the time, exposed me to a little of the Swedish culture. I grew up knowing about Saint Lucia, tomtegubbar, cardamon, Orrefors, Vikings, and the horror of Lutfisk (which my mother said was "Salmon dipped in cement"... although the true horror of this culinary mutant is far too terrible to really describe). Over the years, I wondered about my Swedish relatives, but I didn't get to know them in full until my grandmother moved there. Most of my relatives live in Luleå, Boden, and Örnsköldsvik. Recently, I have been discovering my roots, both in Sweden and on the web. Being a Swedish-American (sort of) has opened a world of interesting subjects and avenues, but not as much information as I would have hoped. So when I visited Sweden, I had some difficulties with language and tradition. Luckily, I had wonderful and friendly relatives who translated and explained everything. But there are some links that did help me a little:

There are a lot of places to go in Sweden. Some places have set up web sites describing Sweden, and places to go. Not many mention anything North of Dalarna, but there are a few things. Here is a list of Swedish Info and Touristy sites:

When I was in Sweden, I watched some of the TV, but the culture is not really media-centric like the USA is. It's really humbling to see your country as nothing more than a by-line in some official broadcast where your country's current events comes after a story about a salmon fishery's latest earnings. There are a lot of Swedish Media Sites on the Web, here are just a few (having Real Audio may help):

There are a lot of Swedish Newspapers on the web these days. Most are in Swedish, but especially if you miss home, these are really good to read, and brush up on the mother tongue.

I am not the only one with Swedish links. Thereare a lot of other people who have culled the svensk from the Internet:

This page is still being worked on. I want to thank a lot of contributors, many of whom are on the SWEDE-L mailing list. Because I don't always have the time I want to work on this page, for now, here are some other Swedish links in no particular order:
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