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I mostly go for Science Fiction Action Thrillers, but I also enjoy the occasional "Thinking man's pictures," so my tastes vary. There are not a whole lot of sites for all the movies I like, but if you have a favorite, I highly recommend The International Movie Database, which has everything from TV to Movies, plus any imaginable link you can find to connect them to. If you like B-Grade Horror movies, you can also try The B Movie Schlock Web Page, or read a list of Movie Cliches. You can also get some good reviews from Mr. Cranky Rates the Movies.

I also like Interview with a Vampire, Dracula, Earth Girls Are Easy, and any Zuckerman Film

I have also started getting into anime, Japanese animation, an art form hard to describe, but I won't call them cartoons, but as some people call them, "Dramatoons."

So aptly named for the wasteland that it is, there have been some oasises of good writing and general quality. Heck, a computer is nothing more than a TV with a keyboard... but there have been some shows that have caught my eye over the years.

I also like most educational stuff, but I must admit, "When Animals Attack Criminals on Film During Car Chases" also appeals to me. Don't know why, but what the heck.

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