Aural Eargasms

The Sounds of the Internet

Music has always been my pleasure to listen to, but my tastes are not exactly mainstream... I guess you could say I am a Classical/Punk/Techno kind of guy.

Rock Chicks

I have always liked women artists. It's not only their style of music, but just their attitude. The more unusual, the more entranced I am.
Björk Guðmundsdóttir, Icelandic Pop Deva, first caught my attention with her video, "Human Behavior." Since then, I have listened to this poet sing in a unique style that reminds me a little of Janis Joplin and Jack Kerouac.
Cyndi Lauper
She's so unusual. And a sweet lady. Believe it or not, she has been making a lot of music since the 1980's.
Yeah, so what? It may not be "cool" with the Punk and Goth crowd, but I have always loved her voice, and some of her pop music is on my top 10 songs of my youth.

Other Artists I Like

There's more to music that weird chicks with odd hairdos! Here are some other bands I like.

Music Collections

There are a lot of places on the web you can get collections of new and unusual music.


For years, people used to bug me, "How come you don't have any punk links? Waaaugh! Well, it's because so many other people have more time and energy to make better sites. "Where?" I got asked. Okay... here's some to start with:

Note, due to the nature of the Punk/Goth/Techno/Industrial Community, some of these links may lead you to offensive material. Punk is a lot of shock value, Goth is a lot of celebrating the ugly truth, Techno is tacky, and Industrial is like the shorter, hyper younger brother of Punk. You have been warned.





Real Audio

Real Audio is great if you have a good connection. If you have a T1 line, or a low-traffic, high-bandwidth ISP, point Real Audio to some of these sites.

Radio Shows

We mustn't forget radio! No, it is NOT a dead medium...! One of the last places to air free expression besides the Internet these days, if not vocally, at least musically. Now more than ever, radio is playing a part in the world media, even through the Internet.


As my co-workers will tell you, I love computers to give me audio clues as well as visual. But the sounds of the Windows chimes always makes my teeth crawl. Thank goodness for all kinds of great sounds out on the web!
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