(and we mean it!)

[ I am not ready!  Ack! ] I am not 18 or over, or I am just not ready for the dark passages and bizzare channels that the common media believes is not for the easily offended... or...
[ I certify I am over 18! ] I am over 18 terran solar years of age, and I will not hold Punkie responsible for my passage into the dark and dirty alleys on the Information Superhighway...
[ I just don't know! ] I can't be expected to make up my mind about everything, life is just too complex! I mean, sheesh, you expect me to make decisions? I mean, what if I make the wrong one, you know? I mean, I'm over 18, sure, but what if I get offended, then what? You see what I am saying?
Punkie's Adult Gallery is not for the meek, timid, or easily offended. It's also not for the under-18 crowd! You won't find cheezy porno, warez, or easy ways to blow up your school. Sorry. But you do have to promise me that you are legally over 18 and mature and if you lie, we'll find out. We'll tell your parents. This page utilizes a special Java applet that reports your user name, your account, your ISP (espeically AOL) and we'll report you to your server administrator. As you loaded this web page, an automatic program is just waiting for you to make the right decision. NOTE: Lying about your age just because your parents aren't around is NOT an excuse!

Besides, there are no pictures about nudes, or anything inherently perverted, just stuff not for the timid, or timid parents. Every one of these links are in all major search engines, and the only reason I hide them is because some bozo with no life is going to complain. If you are looking for really cool and evil things, you'll be sadly disappointed. So I am warning you now...

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