2002 - Hopefully a long, long time

Widget's still a puppy. He barks a lot at the cats, loves to have his belly rubbed, and has a toe fetish we're trying to rid him of. Widget comes from Jan-Shar Pomeranians, one of the world's top breeders, and number one breeder in the US. Widget was show-quality, but could not be shown due to an medical problem, which while operable, removes him from being bred or shown. We wanted to give him a good home.

We got him because Ahfu was bored a lonely a lot. Ahfu tried to adopt Cosmo, but when Cosmo stopped being a kitten, he wouldn't play with Ahfu anymore because he was too elete. Ahfu got depressed, and we knew we wanted another dog to share our love with. So we scouted around, knew what breeds we wanted, and narrowed it down to this little guy, not just because he's small, but because he needs a home.

Widget's so short, he can't jump up on the edge of a nickel, much less the couch. I had to put him here and hope he'd sit still so I could take a picture. Great, now he's camouflaged!

Widget on Christmas Day, 2002. We had a White Christmas. Soon, it was slightly yellow.

This is a good picture of him. I just got him all combed out, and fluffed. He's turning into a mature young stud... so... time to get fixed!

Widget's now been fixed, and he's not too happy about it...

Ahfu and Widget, playing. I distracted them with a treat, but soon they got too close to the camera.

Widget's tired out from running around, barking at everything. Time for a doggie nap...
Widget doesn't do so good in humid weather. Look at that 80s-style frizz look.
Ahfu and Widget sleeping. Oops, I woke Ahfu up.
Happy Holidays! From Ahfu and Widget...

[ photo removed for study ]


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