1998 to Present

Hunting Wild Turtle
Storm came to us when a drug dealer (supposedly) who was living next to my late mother-in-law rescued a cat and her kittens from a dumpster behind a supermarket. Yes, we seem to get a lot of cats from drug dealers, I am not sure what this means. It was the 4th of July, and we were waitching fireworks in the West Virginia mountains. Some local kids were chasing the kittens with firecrackers, and we rescued one who was meowing pitifully. The woman who was taking care of them, showed us one of the kittens, a teeny gray ball of fur with part of the fur of her tail missing. I mean, how could you say no? So we took her home. The fur grew back, but Storm still chases her tail like she doesn't know its hers. Storm was named because she was gray like a storm cloud. She's the only cat where we actually have met the birth mother, and also the only cat with a single-syllable name I have ever owned. So now we call her Stormy to correct that.
Storm and Oreo
Storm was okay until we left her for a week to go on vacation. She got insulted, and has since not been as friendly. Then when we moved from Reston to Fairfax, she went crazy, and now is getting a little fat. She's got odd mannerisms, like she won't eat unless you are in the room with her. She also drags mail, socks, towels, dog toys, and papers through the house at night, howling her head off. I lose a lot of mail that way... She also HATES being photographed, so we try and sneak up on her to get pictures.
Let me sleep!
Storm wants out. Cosmo pisses her off, Artoo pisses her off, she hates Thisby, and really hates the dogs. Once she gets get A+ Technical certification she's getting a job, moving in with another cat, and getting the hell out of here!
Storm at the kitty mess hallo
Oh, and she HATES being taken a picture of. But since she's a chow hound, we can usually get her while eating.


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