Punkie's Photography of Fandom

Here are a bunch taken recently at various venues.

FanTek actually let me draw all over their tee-shirts, back when my Martian cartoons were big. They even let me tear some up and make jokes on them, like "Cthulhu Rescue Team," or "Shark race - 2nd Place winner."

I took this picture because some jerk at work thought I was making up my stories about fandom. So I took some pictures of me onstage, hosting panels, meeting guests, and so on to prove that, yes, I do have a life outside of work and computers. Because of the camera we were using, a lot of shots didn't come out because they didn't film well in low light, and the flash would white out things too close. The coworker still didn't believe me, and even "pointed" out that I had staged stuff. I didn't care anymore, but here's the lovely audience that let me take a photo of them. This was CastleCon 1996, I think.

I have been hosting FanTek Opening Ceremonies now since 1994 or 1995. I took over when Liska left, and when Prune Bran died. This is me at EveCon 2000, having a good time trying to get everyone who is supposed to be onstage on, and off stage off. Planning a convention opening ceremonies is like herding cats. There are always surprises.

SURPRISE! Boy, the people who shot this at us got in trouble, and Cheryl Evry (FanTek co-chair) made them clean up every single last bit of paper. That stuff got everywhere, my hair, my pockets, and Tad's coffee. I knew they were going to throw confetti beforehand, but these guys had some sort of self-detonating cardboard tubes.

Robots can't use escalators, even at Katsucon 7.

Here I am, peddling my book, trying NOT to laugh at the man taking this picture, who is Sean, and who think's he's funny. Honestly, Sean kept me from going nuts at the con all weekend.
Punkie's got swallowed by his suit!
Okay... in late 2001, the gaming chair of Katsucon, Christian, came up with this celebrity roast idea. Keith, Katsucon chair, thought it was a great idea. First we were going to do Steve Bennett, but then it was decided to do Pocky-san, the Korean Boy in Japan. I was to host. I studied other celebrity roasts, and I must admit, I was vicious and cruel. He had no idea this was coming. And yes, I realize the tux looks bad on me, it was the wrong size (previous customer didn't return right size on time), and I was practically choking to death on the collar. Could those shoulder pads get any wider? I look like David Bryne from "The Talking Heads." "Same as it ever was... Same as it ever was..."
Over the table and through the crowd, to acceptable shame we go...
Pocky tried to escape several times, but the guests and crowd kept him away from the door.
Must... commit... sepukku...
But finally, he just resigned himself to shame. This was one big mess, too, since half the guests didn't show, many didn't understand the concept of a roast, and those that did show, two were in drag, who claimed past rendezvous with the Pocky, and others also made up stuff that was really off-color... but it was a smashing success!
Anime Cat girl does Robert Frost
Out of nowhere, a drunken girl stood up and started to spout her love for Pocky. At first, we thought it was part of another guest's act, but later, everyone went, "Who WAS that girl? I thought she was with you!" Luckily, the rest of the guests were so crazy, that the audience didn't notice. Oh, and I am told by those in the front row, that the girl had some nice botanical work done below, and obviously wanted to show it off, or she would have worn panties. Notice the flask in her left hand, Pocky's resignation past shame, and my expression of "Oh, my sweet God in heaven, did she just say that?"
One... two... five!
Why people were dressed like characters in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" at an anime con is a little confusing, but their costumes were so awesome, I had to share. This was in the Staff Suite [my wife's territory] for Katsucon 8.

Don't you hate it when you have 6 spaces, but only 5 pictures to fill them?

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