Christopher Raven Larson in Pictures

He's my son, a.k.a. "CR." I am his father with a camera. What more needs to be said? He's the main reason we *got* a camera... Just a note, I have called him "CR" since he was born. I never call him that in person, only when I type it because it's easier to type than "Christopher." He goes by Chris at school. But since a lot of people in fandom knew him since the BBS days... they call him CR.

I knew a local film director, and he wanted me to be in his next movie. Apart from being the narrator, I played an extra along with my son. We were playing the part of actors playing zombies in a very bad movie set. The premise was people on a bad movie set get killed off one by one, and was called, "Attack of the Killer Cameraman." Very silly. Here is a publicity still with us and actress Julie Fuller (a.k.a. "Interdimensional Thrill Kitten").

Another still that was to be used as a backdrop movie poster for the fake film in the film. It took the makeup girl over an hour to get the buzzsaw in my chest to stay on my chest (which you can barely see behind my arm). This movie was released in the summer of 1998.

Here we are goofing off at the Virginia Renn Faire (now defunct). This was May of 1999.

CR in a tree. In our new house, he has a bedroom now!

CR as a punk. You know, when I was punkish in the early 1980s, I never thought it would be something people dressed up as at Halloween. This was Halloween 1999.

Here CR is trying to negotiate a turf war between Vietnamese and Danish sugared cereal gangs. The leader of the Nam'eh Pho has just agreed to 100 kilos of uncut Crispies in exchange for safe passage through the Sargasso channel, when Dolly Limbripper, head of the Amsterdam Chemical Freedom league, says something way out of line. Her body was later found face down in a pile of Cocoa Puffs. Okay, I made that up. Just before Christmas, CR's school chorus performed at a local book store in honor of Hispanic Heritage.

CR at Six Flags Water Park in September of 2001. This was two days before 9/11. My company rented out the whole theme park for this, and we got treated to a lot of stuff, inclduing food, for free! With him is Chance and Scarlet, daughters of my friend Sean. I don't know who's in the cat suit, but man, that's a job I'd never want.

CR in a posed moment of reflection in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. This was during Otakon 2002, where we worked the Katsucon table.

CR's 12th birthday party. Hard to believe he's getting to be a teen, huh?

This was taken in the Castlecon Computer room. CR usually spends most of any con in the computer room


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