Christopher Raven Larson in Pictures

He's my son, a.k.a. "CR." I am his father with a camera. What more needs to be said? He's the main reason we *got* a camera... Just a note, I have called him "CR" since he was born. I never call him that in person, only when I type it because it's easier to type than "Christopher." He goes by Chris at school. But since a lot of people in fandom knew him since the BBS days... they call him CR.

What is is with dressing babies in costumes? It's not like CR went anywhere formal...

Bill Cosby once joked about seeing his son being born, and the doctor saying, "Congratulations, it's a lizard." Christine says this was a dragon suit. I think he looked like an iguana. Here is CR with my old Latvian roommate, Anita.

CR and me at 6 months. Already playing the stale "Peekaboo" game...

Already toddling, CR begs for food in the covered pile of stuff we called our apartment in Christmas of 1991.

CR in the babysitting room at EveCon 1995. He is with my friend Ralph Nelson's first son, who if I were any sort of friend, would remember his name. My friend, and later Goth Model, Sarah Oakes ran the room that year, and she used to keep the kids imprisoned in these waffle blocks. No, just kidding. :) She just used simple lamp cords.

CR has always taken to the woods. Here he is with a leaf.

CR on a couch. Christine loves taking posed photos of him. There would be more here, but I was afraid I'd break the frame they are currently in. So you'll have to come to our house to see them on the wall :).

This was part of a series of photos we used to sue the housing complex we lived in. These series of photos were under the guise I was taking pictures of my son, when in fact, he was pointing out holes in the floor, broken plumbing, leaking walls, and warped foundations. This was supposed to show the circuit box falling off the face of the house (above him), but when I cropped this photo, I saw it was also a good photo of him in 1996.


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