2002 - Hopefully a long, long time

I love computers on the floor.  Wheee!
Cosmo the Wonderpuss came to us as a promise to my son, who was very sad since his cat, Oreo, had passed away last year. Cosmo comes to us from the Fairfax County Pound, and was one of two very playful kittens. He's still playful, and REAL people-friendly.
Cosmo is not scared of anything. When he came home, Ahfu thought Cosmo was for HIM, and since then, he lets Cosmo do whatever he wanted. Even eat out of his bowl. Cosmo used him as a pillow at first, but then grew tired of Ahfu's rough play, and now doesn't pay attention to him anymore. Cosmo is also not afraid of the vacuum cleaner, which is unheard of in the cat world.
ZZZZzzzzz Part 2
Cosmo sure sleeps a lot. He became a very naughty teenager, but follows my son wherever he goes. Even sleeps in his room. But Cosmo is always trying to escape to the outside, or at least into the "No Pet Zone" guest room. He's getting big! He's already bigger than all the other cats, and almost as big as Ahfu.
Cats are bad at math
Cosmo isn't as smart as he thinks he is... he's the typical cat that cries to be let in... then cries a few minutes later to be let out. Almost always my son's room. Doors confound his sensibilities. Currently, he's the only cat with a collar because he's tried to escape outside twice already. He's also very bad at math.


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