CastleCon 2003 Memories

July 2003, Reston Sheraton

Opening ceremonies. This is what the audience looks like from my perspective. Sometimes the lights drown all of you out, but I still know you're there!

Tammy and Erin from Medical explain why drinking water, eating food, and showering are a good idea. James, new security chief, watches from the background in approval.

Bruce, Benevolent Dictator, welcomes everyone. Man, in this shot, you could put a guitar, stool, and bottle of water, and it would be the set of the Old Grey Whistle Test. You can kind of see Cheryl's head there... if you squint...

Missie, medieval babe, Irish step dancer, and leading women to freedom. Missie is way awesome, I can't say enough about her. She still gets Prune Bran jokes...

Sheraton foolishly left a bed in the lobby to advertise how comfy they were, but wouldn't let us sleep on it. Later, the bed was the scene of hot lesbian action! Okay, maybe it wasn't that hot...

Sawa! Sara, one of the "Scorpion Sistas," made this necklace, and is showing us how proud she is. But I can still kick her asses. All 15 of them.

Rocky's performance art. He had shrunken Japanese monsters in pickled jars while he played hypnotic guitar music. I got his permission to film this, and this was truly more awesome and cool than the photo lets on.

The Brownout Jam Session in the con suite. Truly a remarkable night.


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