The Blizzard of 1987

It was early in 1987, and three storms in a row dumped about 3-4 feet of snow in several days. I was at my friend Kate's house when the first one hit, and was there for about a week until we could dig out. Sorry the photos are a bit grainy, but I had this crummy Kodak Photodisc Camera when I was a teen. The main reason this is up is to prove that it does really dump some serious snow around here once in a while, and that Jason looks the same as he did when he was 17, except now he has longer hair.

After the first snow dumped a ton of fat wet flakes in our area, we knew that we had to start digging. If anything, for the Peke's sake. See, Kate's mom raised Pekingese for show. And Pekes are short, broad-chested dogs that don't travel well in deep snow. Here we see our first problem: Lady here is shorter than most of the snowdrifts. The Kitchen was upstairs, and had concrete steps that went down into a fenced back yard. So the dogs had to go down these stairs, and go potty. But what happens when "potty" is several feet deep of snow?

This happens. Here's poor Adorabella, trying to swim in the snow. And more's coming! For a while, they hopped in and out of the snow like spastic goats. Finally they just got tired and stuck. We'd have to trudge through the snow and pick them out.

I had to dig a path for them every time it snowed. Here you can see the snow goes up past my waist. That made it about 3 feet deep. I had to shovel out some place for the Pekes to go.

Potty path! Finally! Of course, it's snowing again... here we see Yankee has taken advantage of the potty path, and Babydoll has gotten stuck because she did not use the designated path. Time to fish Babydoll out!

Kate and I passed the time a lot by watching Nickelodeon and MTV on her cable TV, and at night, I slept in their guest room. But we wanted more fun! After all, school was out for a week. So we somehow managed to guilt Jason into coming over. We told him we'd make cookies if he'd march his poor tired ass a mile in the snow and blinding sun glare.

Hey, the cookies weren't THAT bad!

We managed to even guilt Julie to come over. Then we teased her terribly, because she'd delight us with her gothy whimpering (...sorry, Julie). The young kid is TJ, Kate's nephew. He and his little sister Emma drove us nuts, but we were an endless source of comedy for him, and he was pretty funny too. We'd watch really bad 1980s cartoons, and make fun of them mercilessly.

Katherine Tredwell, snow warrior! Well, all good things must come to an end, and all of us had to dig out the cars. The snow came up to Kate's belly button, as you can see. The final damage was a week lost of school and work, cabin fever, tummy ache from too many cookies, and a headache from really bad toons.


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