Outer Banks 2003 - Fun in the Sun

June 2003 - Cape Hatteras, NC

This is most of North Carolina when you drive down the east coast. Lots and lots of fields. Then a billboard. Then more fields. Zzzzz... I would never suggest driving down this way if you are sleepy.

Like here's one. Dirty Dick's is a big seafood chain around the beach area. They have a few down in the Outer Banks, and I think one in Virginia Beach. The seafood is usally pretty good, but as you can see, they are trying to be funny/naughty about their name. This would be the first of many.

Some are evn rude about it. 1-877-FLY-THIS. Other rejected numbers were 1-800-UP-YOURS-GOD and 1-888-I-GOT-YOUR-KITE-RIGHT-HERE-PAL!

I saw this, and wondered whether this was a sign that sent a wave of confidence in their patrons. I was trapped looking at this sign after a long road trip, and I had several captions during a moment of silliness: "Mom, it's time to cut the cord," "Ground Control to Major Tom..." and just "AAAIIEEEEE!!!!"

The Outer Banks is just south of the famous Kitty Hawk, where the Wright Brothers flew their first engine-propelled flying machine (you may have read about it in an article in "Gleanings in Bee Culture"). This is the monument, as it looks grainy and far away from the van, because Christine never wants to visit it (pout).

CR's best friend, Dominic. Dominic has been a friend of the family for many years, and is a right gentleman.

The view from the upper deck. We spent a lot of time here.

The private pool. We also spent a lot of time there.

Ahfu always goes with us to the beach trips. Here he is with his cowboy bandana.

Widget and Bandit (Brad's loveable and polite Saint Bernard) also came with us. This is an example of big (168 lbs) vs. small (3 lbs). Hard to believe that they are both the same species, huh? All the dogs got along really well.

Bandit, being the size of a Shetland pony, attracted attention wherever he went. Large dogs are a chick magnet.

But big != brave. Bandit did NOT like the surf. No sir, not at all...

This was a picture of our house from the dunes (the ocean is behind me).

Here is Ahfu, contemplating escape to the beach through the back door to the dunes from our pool.

Here's what I had to drink...

... and here's what everyone else was drinking!

Here's our laptop, where I did my blog entries from... and browsed the web on those days when it got too hot to be outside.

Must everything be a naughty innuendo in this town?

What Ahfu looks like at Widget level on the beach. I tried to get one of Widget, but...

Ahfu and Widget, fighting for camera space! Good view of Ahfu with his tongue out, and Widget's sandy wet butt!

It was very hot and hazy all weekend. High humity and a lot of mosquitos kept us indoor in the afternoon. Look, the sky is gray! And it's sunny! I suck at taking pictures...

Ahfu sleeping before we left. Hmmm... we didn't take a lot of pictures of people, did we? Actually, we did, but we're holding them for blackmail purposes, because they all got drunk and did silly things.


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