WELCOME TO MY .... MESSED UP WEBSITE: After not being updated for nearly 11 years, it was OLD. It was so outdated, I was mortally embarrassed to show it to anyone. SO... I kinda cheated and did a lot of links. Some of the links above don't work yet because I am still working on the design and layout. It will be simpler, that's for darn sure. Then it took me another 6 years to update THIS page![Updated Oct 31st, 2020!]

Some Links, And Why You'd Want To Visit Them
My Facebook Page. It's pretty private though, and I won't friend you unless I have met you in person. I know a growing collection of celebrities and need to know you'll be cool with that. If you have a little thumbnail of your dog, an anime character, or your kids... and I don't know who you are? Sorry. I may know your celebrity name, your derby name, fandom name, character name, but if I don't know you? Not to be a jerk, but I have to make sure y'all get along.
My Author Blog. Want to know my writing projects? I should update this, then.
My Twitter Feed. Random thoughts the public should know. Also has my Tumblr feed.
My Tumblr Feed. Mostly just a scrapbook of random stuff I find.
My Amazon.com Author Site. Buy my books!
Katsucon: The convention someone elected me president of in 2012. Lord help me.
Ravencon: I run artist alley here
This Kaiju Live: A dramatic comedy podcast I do with Nobilis Reed
DC Rollergirls: I bounce (do security) for this team! Great bunch of athletes.