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12/04/2004 Entry: "Weekend on Call: The pages keep a'comin..."

This weekend should be interesting.

I got paged a lot starting around 4pm. That's why I am up at almost 3:00am, because of a page. At least this last page was pretty superficial; just a permission request to reboot a box that was non-production (memory errors). The rest of this afternoon had to do with a huge bunch of inter-dependant machines where someone shut some services down and forgot to turn them back on again. This caused a cascading failure that flip flopped all night until they all stabilized. There was a lot of, "This machine is d-- oh, it's back up, hold on... no, now another one is... oh, wait, never mind." I was on a conference call for an hour or two, while database people all pointed fingers around.

I didn't get to spend the evening with Anya and Matt like I had planned because of this. I am bummed out, but this is my own doing; I swapped this week so I wouldn't be primary on call for the week of Christine's birthday.

Tomorrow (today), I was thinking of going to Ikea to get a new office chair. My old (new) one broke to the point I had to steal CR's chair so I could work. It's not very comfy because it doesn't have arms and it kind of pitches you forward. I'd adjust it, but it's not my chair, and I hate it when someone adjusts my chair, so why do that to CR?

I am also watching the Heare kids for a few hours. They are coming over in the evening, so I can't take them anywhere (dark). I'll try and find some TV things to watch. I was thinking of Ah My Goddess (that's pretty G-rated), although that probably won't interest Kieran for long (he's 3). Luckily, I have trucks.

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