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04/25/2004 Entry: "On unexpected visitors and pollen"

So, yesterday, we needed to do some shopping. It was not going well.

First off, we ordered from Peapod a few days ago. It's our supermarket's delivery service, and as long as you don't order fresh items from them (meats, fruits, etc.), it's okay. This is the third time we've used them, and it is kind of handy to order online, and then have it delivered. Today they were late, but they called ahead of time to say, "Hey, we're late," so we wouldn't wonder if they had forgotten us (I complemented the driver for being courteous). So we watched more episodes of "Family Guy" on DVD while waiting. This threw us off in our planned schedule, and by the time the food arrived, we were already hungry, so we made a late lunch before we went out to do more shopping (medicine and art supplies).

Then Christine's childhood friend showed up, rather unexpectedly. She was the one who last week didn't show because her husband was too stubborn to admit he was lost for 5 hours. They didn't call to say they were trying again this week, so it was a good thing we were running late because otherwise she would have missed us. The husband was with her, and he's not a bad guy, really. Just stubborn. They have been married for a while, have two kids, and still love and respect each other, so it was hard to be mad at him. But our house wasn't ready for guests so we had to grovel and apologize for the mess. They didn't stay long, because they knew they were unexpected, and also they had to drive up to Frederick, MD before they went back home to West Virginia, and had a long day ahead of them.

So then we went out, rather late in the afternoon. Then I had a massive asthma attack. The pollen has been unbelievable. The National Weather Service's Respiratory Index rated today as a "1" out of 10, or "Very Poor" in Air Quality. Pretty much as low as you can go. The pollen is so thick, it's leaving yellow-green dust on everything. So we cut our trip short.

My asthma and resistance to pollen, dust, and mold has really declined in recent years, and it's never been good to start with. I always had "hay fever" since I was about 6, but it was never treated, and so now my "hay fever" became "life threatening" when I was around 21 or so. Because of my high blood pressure, I can't take a lot of drugs others can, but I am on a low level of Zyrtek, which makes pollen season tolerable, but yesterday was just too much.

The asthma keeps be up at night, and so that's why I am online at 3:45 in the frickin' morning. At least it's Sunday, so I can sleep late.

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