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10/03/2003 Entry: "It's Training Men, Hallelujah - Day Three"

Well, later yesterday, we actually DID do some hands-on training, but the teacher is so typical of computer people who essential KNOW what they are doing, and don't pause so that others can learn. So he types stuff on the overhead screen like a blur, and when something goes wrong, he zooms about, looking for errors, and if you copied exactly what he did (at his speed), now you have to edit at his speed. Also, he never directly answer your questions. You might ask, "Why did you use apples?" and he'd go, "Well, to answer that, let's look at the history of bananas for a moment..." and then never get back to the actual question you asked. Plus, this guy is more versed in a different style of programming than he's teaching, so he's constantly making syntax errors, and having to use the online help feature of the software.

Because our computers have to go back before close of business today, he has to end class at 3pm, so at least today we get out early, and it is the last day. He passed out "How am I doing?" forms, and I scored him real low. Almost everyone in class is now browsing the web when he talks. Several students didn't even come back today.

I also had the WORST cup of coffee this morning than I have had in... at least 10 years (sorry, FanTek security). There is this "Starbucks Cafe" stand in the building that sells coffee in the morning, and even though I added a lot of cream and sugar, the coffee was so nasty, and so bitter, I only drank it because I needed the boost (which it did give me). Certainly NOT up to Starbucks quality by a long shot. It reminds me of what I thought about coffee before I went to Sweden in 1994: nasty medicine only useful for the purpose of waking you up. Sweet sassy molassy, this coffee was bad, and I had to pay $1.72 for it!

Holy crap, the teacher just GPFed (crashed) his laptop with his own code. Brilliant.

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