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10/01/2003 Entry: "Training Derailed - Day One"

I am in training the rest of the week, learning (in theory) VB.NET. I've had worse teachers, but this guy is on the low end of my teacher scale because his voice is low, mumbles, and he's constantly backtracking. So a lot of today has been like this: "So when you inherit the class, I mean, the parent class... I mean, the method of the class ... no, wait, parent class, then you, ah ... mumble mumble mumble override, mumble mumble with the method that you declared as the base class, well, not the BASE BASE class, but the base of the parent ... no wait, yes, you do get the base base class of the original ... uh, parent. Yes, that looks right ... okay?" He does this on the board, too. He does not give handouts, so we have to take notes from what he draws on the whiteboard, and then he keeps changing what he wrote as he sees his error. He has the advanatge of having an eraser, I only have this highlighting pen. And there is too much lecture, not enough hands on stuff. I have been here for six hours, and we haven't even launched the VB Studio yet. I am hoping all this makes sense when I actually, you know, program something.

I hate when I am this bored. Luckily, most of the students also don't get it, but sadly, many of them get stuck on what I think is obvious, and then the teacher says something different from what he just said before. Then when I try and listen when he's actually facing the class, and not the board, I got these two guys behind me who won't stop talking. One of them is a complete VB.NET guru, who has actually walked the teacher through several things where he got stuck, so I can't tell him to shut up, because we need him from time to time. I give up, and I keep saying to myself, "Maybe I'll finally understand when we actually do something."


The Peanut Gallery responds with: 1 Comment

I just found your comment on how banks are lowering their standards for tellers ironic, seeing how I am a newly hired 17 year old bank teller (the bank I work for has a high school intern teller program). :) But just because I am young doesn't mean I am not professional, and I think my staff is extremely professional and friendly. Maybe my bank will change your mind because I disagree very much. But I agree with how you must be consistently friendly to customers, but I don't think the rate is 99% friendly people. I know from 8 hours on the teller line that I get more than 1 a day who is just mean (not because of something *I* did) just because. Bottom line: Banks are still professional! Even the 17 year old teller!

Posted by Teenage Teller @ 11/02/2003 09:17 AM EST

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