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03/27/2003 Entry: "Dumb Things My Work is Doing"

I am lucky this is all I have to complain about at work:

My company fills my voice mail box with junk. Mostly stuff like, "If you are in the Dulles Office, be sure to stop by Room Blahdeblah and see our Motorola rep try and sell you things and get free foam stress balls," (I am not in, or ever near the Dulles office) and "We're releasing a new beta product not related to your job at all, and in fact, will probably mess up your machine, but do us a favor and install it on your laptop so it will never work again... for the company!" Recently it's been, "We know we had a lot of layoffs, but fill out your annual morale survey. We swear it's confidential, even though you have to enter in your SSN and office number as proof of who you are." I asked for more donuts (currently, we don't get any), just to see if I got contacted about it.

My company, which could do with saving some money, is spending a ton of it for security upgrades. Now they're installing an additional layer of gates and guard booths all around my building. I don't think this cost is justified. Of course, I wasted my comments section on asking for more donuts. I am going to leave when they start arming our guards.

Our coffee here sucks. It's not totally undrinkable, but it requires a lot of creamer and sugar to make it okay. I am happy, though, that it is free. I recently found out that the coffee sucks on purpose, because the cafeteria sells a better brand (I think Starbucks), and are charging $2.50 for a large. No thanks. Free coffee is good coffee, even if it's bad, in my book. But recently, some people have been leaving half-empty bags of gourmet coffee in the kitchen, and I am not sure who these kind people are, but recently, I have had some good cups of coffee, for free, because of them. Thank you, whomever you are.

I also saved my company possibly another $180,000 in the next two years by getting a better bargain on hardware. I got our current supplier to cut his price nearly in half. I made a note of that, and made sure everyone else knew about it. Hopefully, it will put a dent in all those security booths we paid for.

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