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Individual Entries

01/04/2005: We're moving!
01/03/2005: This Blog's Future
12/31/2004: Happy New Year... f#@!&% spammers!
12/30/2004: What Ever Happened to Late Night TV?
12/29/2004: What Happened?
12/28/2004: A Cold, Sunny Tuesday
12/26/2004: Happy Holidays - The Story so Far
12/22/2004: Ramblings about fandom and con attendance
12/19/2004: The weekend - Christine's Birthday Party
12/18/2004: Yes, Virginia, there is... a drunken woman handing out presents.
12/17/2004: Real reply from a company we ordered from this year
12/17/2004: From the eyes of a zombie
12/16/2004: Doldrums are good...
12/15/2004: Gaaah... I am so hungry.
12/13/2004: Here's some advice, kid...
12/13/2004: Sweden in 2005?
12/12/2004: Dear Journal: Sorry I haven't written...
12/07/2004: Sick Day for Layoff Season
12/04/2004: Weekend on Call: The pages keep a'comin...
12/03/2004: Random goings-on
11/29/2004: Writing [hides head in cowl]
11/27/2004: Post Thanksgiving Tales
11/25/2004: Happy Turkey Day
11/24/2004: More cleaning done
11/24/2004: Making a lifestyle out of being unwell
11/23/2004: 1138
11/22/2004: A Rant: Not knowing what to do
11/22/2004: Happy Birthday to Me: Part 2
11/19/2004: ZZZZZZZ: Part Duex
11/17/2004: [BANG!] And the vacation starts!
11/16/2004: Whine whine whine...
11/15/2004: I hate migraines
11/15/2004: Lazy weekend... lots of parties, lots of time off
11/14/2004: Happy Birthday Sawa and Punkie...
11/12/2004: Various news - On call and vacation time coming
11/10/2004: A special thanks...
11/09/2004: Non-productive punishing blows
11/07/2004: One week to age barrier...
11/07/2004: Weekend chores - a good start
11/06/2004: Weekend on Call: All Quiet on the Western Front
11/03/2004: 4 more years... ugh
11/03/2004: Election angst
11/02/2004: Voting madness
11/01/2004: How did Halloween go?
11/01/2004: College Degrees
10/31/2004: Happy Halloween everyone!
10/30/2004: Today in Samhain
10/29/2004: In a pissy mood
10/28/2004: We like dee mooooooooooooooooooon!
10/27/2004: Your friend being your boss
10/25/2004: BANG!!!! .... owww...
10/25/2004: Weekend wrapup - Scary movies, good parties, and goth bellydancing?
10/23/2004: Definitions
10/22/2004: I am wearing my Doc Martens again.
10/21/2004: Herbal rememdies... and loss of a time/space continuum in one's life
10/20/2004: More Head Cold
10/19/2004: Headache Day Off
10/18/2004: The weekend - friends, familes, and films
10/13/2004: Shedding the material shell... or, "NO, MINE MINE!"
10/12/2004: Depression recession?
10/12/2004: Weekend wrapup - New work, Renn Fest, and more...
10/08/2004: Punkie's Earlier Years: "The Amazing Me: Side 1" - High school gym, you can never win...
10/08/2004: Punkie's Earlier Years: "The Amazing Me: Side 1" - Me and Mrs. Brown
10/08/2004: Punkie's Earlier Years: "The Amazing Me: Side 1" - Junior Hell continued: DENIED!
10/08/2004: Punkie's Earlier Years: "The Amazing Me: Side 1" - Hello from Longfellow Intermediate Hell School
10/07/2004: A blow to the head, and you're in pain ... you give concussions a bad name...
10/06/2004: Punkie's Earlier Years: "WJOK Junk: Side 2" - The Confession: "I'm a ghoulish freak, Neal"
10/06/2004: Punkie's Earlier Years: "WJOK Junk: Side 2" - On bad skits
10/06/2004: Punkie's Earlier Years: "WJOK Junk: Side 2" - Tara Lily: 1969-1984
10/06/2004: Punkie's Earlier Years: "WJOK Junk: Side 2" - Nachos and Psychology Tests
10/05/2004: Punkie's Earlier Years: "WJOK Junk: Side 2" - We Pause for this Commercial
10/05/2004: Boooo... crunch crunch... Boooo.... [ding dong]... TRIKKERTREET!
10/04/2004: Punkie's Earlier Years: "WJOK Junk: Side 1" - On Being a Swede
10/04/2004: Punkie's Earlier Years: "WJOK Junk: Side 1" - More Adventures in Babysitting
10/04/2004: Punkie's Earlier Years: "WJOK Junk: Side 1" - Sophomore Gym Life
10/04/2004: Punkie's Earlier Years: "WJOK Junk: Side 1" - The Unbearable Feeling of Projectionist
10/04/2004: Punkie's Earlier Years: Intro
10/03/2004: Weekend wrap-up: Chance meeting at Appleby's, a wedding, and exhaustion
10/01/2004: Why we need editors: Health posters?
09/30/2004: Weird Names
09/29/2004: Music discoveries
09/28/2004: Spin Cycle: Jeanne's Revenge
09/28/2004: Worldcon bid musings
09/27/2004: But onto other things... Happy Birthday, Chickin, and Samhain at our house?
09/27/2004: Being Bullied in the Real World
09/23/2004: Food I Cannot Stand
09/22/2004: ... Lenny Bruce is not afraid...
09/21/2004: Keeping the volume low...
09/20/2004: Moving on up...
09/18/2004: Spin cycle aftermath
09/17/2004: Tornado! Or two... or four...
09/17/2004: More on the new location
09/17/2004: Weird thoughts
09/16/2004: Supported behind the scenes
09/15/2004: Golden Bullet-time in the Matrix
09/14/2004: More thoughts on being laid off
09/13/2004: The Golden Bullet
09/12/2004: Weekend Blowout
09/10/2004: Six weeks, disaster free!
09/09/2004: I don't know why I wrote this...
09/09/2004: Ooooohhhmmmmm... Ooooohhhmmmmm...
09/08/2004: Another view of sucking
09/08/2004: DENIED!
09/07/2004: Pretty AND smart...
09/07/2004: Bathroom Wrap-up: Labor Day Weekend
09/05/2004: Ha ha, Punkie! That will show you!
09/04/2004: The Weekend and Month of Everything
09/04/2004: The Wrecking Ball
09/03/2004: Frances vs. the State of Florida... no, not my late Brother-in-law
09/03/2004: High School is soooo Tubular... like, oh my gawd!
09/02/2004: Jumping the ship
09/01/2004: Goth control I can handle... but not this type of crowd control...
09/01/2004: Walk the walk, talk the talk, dress the part?
08/30/2004: Gencon Photos now online!
08/30/2004: Sitting on the cork
08/29/2004: The Fear of Fleaing
08/29/2004: On Villains...
08/28/2004: The Trio of Terror... not
08/27/2004: "I'm sorry, but you brown-eyed white shirts have to leave..."
08/27/2004: Polyamory
08/25/2004: Gencon - Day 6 (Monday, Indianapolis to Frederick in 12 and a half hours)
08/25/2004: Gencon - Day 5 (Sunday, Indianapolis)
08/25/2004: Gencon - Day 4 (Saturday, Indianapolis)
08/25/2004: Gencon - Day 3 (Friday, Indianapolis)
08/25/2004: Gencon - Day 2 (Thursday, Indianapolis)
08/25/2004: Gencon - Day 1 (late Tuesday - Wednesday, parts unknown)
08/17/2004: Gencon - Day 0
08/16/2004: Innocence Lost...
08/16/2004: Odd's n' Ends
08/13/2004: Cats, Doors, and Pointers
08/12/2004: Want some mon-ay...
08/11/2004: Com'ere little boy... give daddy the naughty book... [pant pant pant]
08/11/2004: Tired...zzzzz
08/10/2004: Gencon musings...
08/09/2004: The Dollhouse
08/08/2004: Party Weekend
08/07/2004: There's more to life than this...
08/07/2004: On sickness, bills, and lactose intolerance...
08/04/2004: Buildings and blood pressure
08/03/2004: Worst chicken
08/03/2004: Yawn... and clean those feet!
08/02/2004: Looking for an old sci-fi book...
08/01/2004: Disaster Free for almost a week!
07/31/2004: Hello, Den floor...
07/30/2004: High School Drama - Act 3: "Peeking from behind the final curtain"
07/30/2004: High School Drama - Act 2: "The play within the play"
07/30/2004: High School Drama - Act 1: "The setup"
07/29/2004: Three days disaster-free
07/28/2004: Man overboard!
07/28/2004: They call it fugly yellow... quite rightly!
07/27/2004: I need money... just like everyone else
07/26/2004: No Otakon for me...
07/26/2004: Bleah... this rotten luck smell still lingers like bad cheese
07/26/2004: Bowling for Punkie
07/24/2004: The moral of the story is the facts are immaterial
07/22/2004: Widget's fine...ish
07/22/2004: Now Widget's sick...
07/21/2004: Christine is better, and out of the hospital
07/21/2004: The vacuum that is my mattress
07/20/2004: Christine's staying in the hospital
07/20/2004: Christine's health so far...
07/20/2004: Christine - No updates yet
07/19/2004: More bad news - Christine has been hospitalized
07/19/2004: Hot Gaming Days, Fran's Last Party, and CR reaches 14.
07/15/2004: ...the Beast of Plondshu? What do you roll for that?
07/14/2004: The Unbearable Lightness of Fran
07/11/2004: Fran Skidmore 1959 - 2004
07/09/2004: The story so far...
07/06/2004: Submission 2004
07/06/2004: All bleeding eventually stops...
07/05/2004: Ibba sobba numbaa ind mybuh mubbuth
07/05/2004: Dependence Day
07/02/2004: If it make you feel any better... things suck!
07/01/2004: An Extreme Linguistic Rant
06/30/2004: So you want to buy my book...?
06/30/2004: Playing Blog Catch-up: The odds and ends
06/30/2004: More on my Grandmother's death
06/30/2004: Las Vegas: Day 6-7ish - Totally Out of Time and Space
06/30/2004: Las Vegas: Day 5 - Married 15 Years!
06/30/2004: Las Vegas: Day 4 - A Big Ol' Wall and a Large Rusty Ditch
06/30/2004: Las Vegas: Day 3 - Star Trek and Rendevous with Adam
06/30/2004: Las Vegas: Day 2 - The Wedding
06/30/2004: Las Vegas: Day 1 - The Beginning of the End
06/28/2004: Weeere BACK!
06/07/2004: The new Livejournal
06/07/2004: Remembering Reagan - an Ironic Statement
06/06/2004: Back from West Virginia
06/05/2004: Sweden... maybe... someday?
06/04/2004: Fear of Free Falling
06/03/2004: The Weekend Monolith
06/02/2004: You... er, um ... stink.
06/01/2004: Playing with fire...
05/31/2004: Weekend In Memorial: Balticon, Barbecues, and Such
05/26/2004: Ask and ye shall receive...
05/25/2004: Lack of manpower
05/23/2004: Mowing against all odds
05/22/2004: Punkie Gets Programmed!
05/21/2004: Punkie Scary's Busy, Busy Weekend
05/20/2004: Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth
05/20/2004: Flying Turtles
05/20/2004: Life improves
05/19/2004: I am still sick. Bleah.
05/18/2004: On the road to recovery
05/17/2004: My weekend needs Cliff Notes
05/14/2004: So long, Marion. 191? - 2004
05/13/2004: Dream a dreamy dream
05/12/2004: Books that inspire me
05/12/2004: Good feelings
05/11/2004: You are fired
05/10/2004: Mother's weekend
05/08/2004: Lazy Saturday
05/07/2004: Missing the sad fairies of the underdark...
05/06/2004: They are coming...
05/06/2004: Other people's pain is not entertaining
05/05/2004: Navigating the Maze
05/04/2004: Update on new Virginmobile phone...
05/04/2004: Mother's Day
05/03/2004: More on presidents... and the parties they hold
05/03/2004: If I were president...
05/02/2004: The Zen of Housework
04/30/2004: The complexity of money and finding you niche
04/29/2004: Judging a Goth by her cover
04/28/2004: Blind Self-Improvement
04/27/2004: Corporate Jesters: Wandering Minstrels of the Jingling Keys
04/27/2004: So far, I still have a job
04/26/2004: Better to have job and lost than to never know anything at all...
04/25/2004: Stress... give he stress and nothing less... a heart attack I cannot resess..t..
04/25/2004: On unexpected visitors and pollen
04/24/2004: TGI.... (looks at watch)... S.
04/23/2004: "Take Your Child to Work" or "Parade Your Crotchfruit to Annoy Coworkers?"
04/22/2004: Howdy-ho, neighbor!
04/21/2004: Kitchen Guys, Part 2: They are also divers
04/20/2004: The types of people who don't refill the coffeemaker
04/18/2004: Ask directions? No, I prefer to drive around like an idiot for 5 hours...
04/17/2004: Lateness
04/16/2004: Writing ideas that go nowhere, and thus, so go my days...
04/16/2004: No more Tyrone in my pants
04/16/2004: Flipping to a hunch
04/15/2004: Blog entries have been scarce because...
04/13/2004: Vacation - Day 4
04/11/2004: Happy Ressurection of Bunny Jellybeans
04/10/2004: On new housing and cheap building
04/10/2004: Nyah, nyah... your name ryhmes with ... something I can't think of, so you're fat!
04/09/2004: Unqualified Advice
04/08/2004: Kung Fu Punkie
04/06/2004: One for the black notebook: South of the Border.
04/06/2004: A list of where I was when...
04/06/2004: The Little Black Book
04/05/2004: Save the lap dance for... someone else.
04/05/2004: Trying to catch up
04/04/2004: Lessons in Knifery
04/04/2004: Lazy Sunday... I hope
04/02/2004: The story so far ... random tidbits from today
04/01/2004: Suffer the Magpie
03/31/2004: Back from Jacksonhell
03/28/2004: Live from Jacksonville... it's Saturday Night
03/26/2004: Last minute panics...
03/25/2004: Fear of Flying
03/24/2004: Reports from Jacksonville
03/23/2004: Crater face
03/22/2004: Looking up through the smoke
03/22/2004: The story so far: Brother still dying, grandmother status unknown, Jacksonville sucks, and all the fish are now dead
03/22/2004: Forensic Analysis: The Pomegranate Affair
03/21/2004: Michael Rennie was ill, The Day the Earth Stood Still...
03/20/2004: Damage control
03/19/2004: Poking head from rubble
03/19/2004: The Eye of the Hurricane
03/18/2004: Sorry, I died in a car crash 5 years ago, this blog is an illusion from Togolese Bank Administrators
03/18/2004: Stupid nightmares...
03/17/2004: The Green Liberepublicrat Party
03/17/2004: I am woozy, hear me snore
03/15/2004: In the trenches
03/14/2004: ... and it keeps on coming.
03/14/2004: So, this weekend has sucked ass so far
03/12/2004: New photos... and Jen found!
03/12/2004: I would like to thank the following people...
03/10/2004: Not playing nice with the neighbors
03/10/2004: More bad news...
03/10/2004: Some updates
03/09/2004: A mommy is missing
03/09/2004: Poor Widget
03/08/2004: You will be the lucky ones
03/07/2004: Odd places we end up after being teens
03/06/2004: What's so funny?
03/05/2004: Boolsheet. Ha ha ha!
03/04/2004: Trapped in the Closet
03/03/2004: Work professionalism
03/02/2004: Godwin's Law
03/02/2004: Spring is here, spring is here... life is skittles, life is beer...
03/01/2004: Thank you. I'll be here all week. Try the buffet. Don't forget to tip your waitress.
02/29/2004: Overheard conversations
02/29/2004: What is the sound of one sinus popping?
02/27/2004: All Visitors of This Site Must Wash Their Hands
02/26/2004: It's been a hard day's night...
02/25/2004: Insomnia
02/24/2004: My thoughts on the Buddhist "Materialism cases misery" thing...
02/24/2004: Is this debate really worth it? It's clogging my mailbox with your ego drippings...
02/22/2004: Punkie, Punkie, Year of the Monkey... how does your garden grow?
02/22/2004: On sickness and sexuality
02/21/2004: ... oh and one more thing: rebates lie.
02/21/2004: Price Obscuring and Junk Mail
02/20/2004: Bookworm
02/19/2004: Memories: Bigger than a bread box
02/18/2004: Clustermess Tuesday
02/17/2004: More on conventions for 2004
02/16/2004: Katsucon 10 - Let's Do it Again!
02/12/2004: Pre-Katsu Show
02/11/2004: Looking for sleep and feeling woozy...
02/10/2004: Hypothesis => data => conclusion. In that order, skipping no steps.
02/09/2004: Packrat
02/08/2004: It's only money
02/07/2004: Sales intimidation and the comebacks I have
02/06/2004: My Grandmother is doing better
02/06/2004: SNAP!
02/05/2004: And the twists and turns get steeper...
02/04/2004: For the love of Boobie...
02/04/2004: In the Jungle
02/03/2004: Another icy day, another microwave oven...
02/02/2004: Random odd facts about me
02/01/2004: Photo Memories of Being Kidnapped to a Party
01/30/2004: Mad Lab Assistant
01/29/2004: The Year of the Monkey
01/28/2004: New photos - EveCon and New Years
01/28/2004: Awkward Funerals
01/28/2004: More on the new site
01/27/2004: Snow and icebound
01/26/2004: Dedicated to My Mother
01/26/2004: Blast from the past, one from the vaults, ripped from the crypts
01/25/2004: Sorry, no "Theme"
01/25/2004: Bleah, depressed.
01/24/2004: Katsu excitement
01/23/2004: Silly laws
01/23/2004: Thank God for the Computer Revolution
01/23/2004: Paging Donnalee...
01/23/2004: Commercials Lying on Services
01/21/2004: Forgiving my father... please?
01/21/2004: A bit of explanation about Punkadyne...
01/21/2004: Microsoft
01/19/2004: Coffee... coffee coffee coff-ay!
01/19/2004: Chair! The Musical...
01/19/2004: Still losing weight
01/18/2004: AMV - Not for wussies
01/16/2004: Yeah... that's about right...
01/16/2004: Like your house... [click]
01/16/2004: San Antonio... eighth largest--SHUT UP!
01/15/2004: Dream Blog
01/15/2004: What Do You Do with a Doggie Like Widget...?
01/15/2004: No snow... BWAH!
01/13/2004: Punkie's Cooking History, Part 2: The Larch (or Horse Chestnut, but not complaints about ants)
01/13/2004: Punkie's Cooking History, Part 1: The Larch
01/12/2004: Bruce and Cheryl's house
01/10/2004: Remodeling the house
01/09/2004: Snow, Happy Birthday Blog, and Money
01/08/2004: Idle Gossip with Idol Worship
01/07/2004: Asthma: More suffocating than depression
01/07/2004: EveCon XXI - What a Long Strange Trip It's Been, Part 3: Some random events...
01/07/2004: EveCon XXI - What a Long Strange Trip It's Been, Part 2: Feeling better never felt so sad...
01/07/2004: EveCon XXI - What a Long Strange Trip It's Been, Part 1: Through sick and tired eyes...
01/06/2004: Half written, half broken...
01/06/2004: New Shoes
01/05/2004: Remnants from Last Year
01/05/2004: Plans for 2004
01/02/2004: Evecon 21 - The First Day
12/31/2003: One more New Year's Memory...
12/30/2003: Some random stuff
12/30/2003: Some New Year's memories
12/29/2003: Young Parents
12/27/2003: Hey, Spock! Nanoo nanoo!
12/26/2003: Merry Belated Christmas!
12/21/2003: Christmas Bonus
12/21/2003: Happy Birthday, Christine!
12/19/2003: Eating Update, plus Cultural faux pas with gifts across the pond...
12/18/2003: Joke time...
12/18/2003: Watching what you say can pay off
12/17/2003: Angry! plus... Disconnected Events and How they Relate
12/15/2003: Scrooged
12/14/2003: On money, on decor, on Donner and Blitzen!
12/12/2003: Crazy Poster Boy
12/12/2003: When the world is only measured in travel time...
12/11/2003: Retail: Part Deux
12/10/2003: ... And Wil Wheaton responds!
12/10/2003: Children of the December Sorrow
12/09/2003: Flame on!
12/09/2003: Thoughts on Loyalty
12/08/2003: Cool Shirt - Limited Time
12/08/2003: Mawwage... mawwage is bwot bwings uff togevaa... todaay....
12/07/2003: Dramatic Snow People
12/05/2003: First Snow
12/04/2003: Ode to FanTek
12/03/2003: Down in Baltimore... deep in wires...
12/01/2003: Weekend of Complements
11/29/2003: I still hate banks - Part 600
11/28/2003: Turkey Day and Black Friday - Recap
11/25/2003: Work Rating Silliness
11/25/2003: Black Friday Weekend
11/24/2003: Happy Turkey Week!
11/21/2003: An apology to Azwan Teh
11/21/2003: Loose lips sink ships
11/20/2003: A New Way to Eat
11/19/2003: Too tired to sleep... and my web pages celebrate 8 years of ... web
11/18/2003: Zombie Man
11/16/2003: Exhausted
11/14/2003: [sniffle] Habby bud-day du beee... [sniff sniff cough] Habby bud-day du beee...
11/13/2003: Happy Birthday to my Scorpion Sistas!
11/13/2003: Tattoo You, Tattoo Me?
11/12/2003: Flaming Heterosexual
11/12/2003: Babysitting YAPO
11/11/2003: Never Have So Many Waited So Long For So Little
11/10/2003: And now for some good news...
11/09/2003: How My Mother Died - Part 4: Final Thoughts
11/08/2003: How My Mother Died - Part 3: "...the little crabs can eat her remains"
11/08/2003: How My Mother Died - Part 2: "I can never love you, until you love yourself."
11/08/2003: How My Mother Died - Part 1: "You will probably never see the age of 20."
11/07/2003: On fighting sickness, OJ, and how life could be worse
11/06/2003: In sickness and in health
11/06/2003: Fighting the good fight
11/06/2003: Why do I hate banks again?
11/05/2003: Birthday Wish Lists
11/04/2003: Taking the day off
11/03/2003: Upcoming Holiday Blues
11/02/2003: Storytime - The Canadian Pervert
11/01/2003: Halloweeny Two Thousand Threeny
10/30/2003: Rotten news all around
10/29/2003: Vacation dreams... and alien etiquette
10/26/2003: On Saturns, colds, and missed birthdays...
10/24/2003: Fun Time!
10/24/2003: A thought that keeps me awake
10/23/2003: Some memory issues
10/22/2003: You know you're fat when...
10/21/2003: Wireless Insecurity
10/20/2003: Some cool foreign films...
10/19/2003: Not Very Sporting of Me
10/18/2003: On Costumes...
10/16/2003: Odd and Ends
10/15/2003: Ghost in the Machine
10/15/2003: One Person at a Time
10/14/2003: Halloween Delight
10/13/2003: Some site changes...
10/13/2003: Weekend Wrap-up: It was a dark and stormy night... suddenly a shot rang out...
10/12/2003: Story Time - one from the vaults: Conversations of Dennis and Andrew on Human Truth
10/12/2003: Kill Bill (vol 1): A Review
10/10/2003: On Revenge
10/09/2003: Dear Bitter Watercooler Committee,
10/08/2003: On theivery...
10/08/2003: Small tribute to Larry going home
10/08/2003: Managing anger pisses me off...
10/07/2003: Stupid Meetings
10/07/2003: Some random small thoughts...
10/07/2003: Hearing from an old friend...
10/06/2003: On tee-shirts and the people who control too much...
10/05/2003: Massage in a Bottle
10/03/2003: The Worst Job I Ever Had
10/03/2003: Character Building - 3d6 (plus mods)
10/03/2003: It's Training Men, Hallelujah - Day Three
10/02/2003: "So where ya from, boy?"
10/02/2003: Training Wreck - Day Two
10/01/2003: Mini-mob mentality or "Why did you stop being liked?"
10/01/2003: Training Derailed - Day One
09/30/2003: Halloween is coming...
09/29/2003: My Jewish Heritage
09/28/2003: Hopefully the last thing about Sara A, and some thoughts towards 2004
09/28/2003: The Ancient Ruins of Awards
09/27/2003: Finally... a good day!
09/25/2003: Coveting thy neighbor's mess... or lack therof
09/24/2003: Beep beep... BANG!
09/23/2003: What goes from my head, falls out into the blog in little piles
09/23/2003: Management - A Crash Course
09/22/2003: Ghosts from the Past - Around the Table We Shall Kill
09/22/2003: A Few Cool People I Know
09/21/2003: Updates
09/21/2003: Travis is 30
09/20/2003: Random Story - Bad Job Interviews
09/20/2003: Isabel's Gone, and Thank God
09/17/2003: Stop this ride conductor, I wanna get off...
09/17/2003: Wednesday from hell
09/16/2003: An Ill Wind that Blows Nobody Good...
09/16/2003: A little lesson on other's reality.
09/15/2003: Money money money...
09/13/2003: Blog Redux
09/13/2003: Working weekend
09/11/2003: No Fencing
09/10/2003: Flame off!
09/10/2003: Just Doing My Job...
09/09/2003: Ha ha... me so funny...
09/08/2003: Liars vs. The Gricean Maxim of Quality
09/08/2003: This is going to be a bad week.
09/06/2003: Lots of friends... good times.
09/05/2003: The Worst Coincidence Ever
09/04/2003: And the past shall come back to haunt thee...
09/04/2003: Good Feelings - Early Morning Work
09/02/2003: The Pedestal Syndrome
09/02/2003: Excuses, excuses, excuses!
09/02/2003: Can't sleep... Parents and Writing
08/30/2003: Huzzah!
08/30/2003: Some thoughts on online communities
08/28/2003: Convention Pre-reg woes: the latecomers
08/28/2003: Random layoff story - ice cream
08/27/2003: Work Weirdness - Sending data over jungle vine to big rock idol next to cave
08/26/2003: Self-fulfilling Prophesies
08/25/2003: Play the Game
08/24/2003: Memory Lane Has a Lot of Bumps and Turns
08/21/2003: The Weirdest Coincidence Ever
08/20/2003: Ride the Roller Coaster of Life
08/17/2003: Other stuff I did this weekend...
08/17/2003: Pantry raid! Wooo!
08/15/2003: Dear Unknown Benefactor:
08/15/2003: Approval against the pack
08/15/2003: Your freedom
08/14/2003: Storytime - Vince's General Store
08/13/2003: Trying to get better... if it weren't for those meddling kids!
08/12/2003: Stubby dose
08/11/2003: Weekend wrapup: Springfield Mall
08/08/2003: No coffee for a week
08/07/2003: No Otakon for me, boo hoo...
08/06/2003: Ch-Ch-Changes...
08/06/2003: A Toast to the Determined Resolve of Apathy! Here's to the Class of 1987!
08/05/2003: The IOC: The Worst Job I Ever Loved...
08/04/2003: Other news - Rogue moves out
08/02/2003: The C+ Wall
08/02/2003: It's official... I failed.
07/28/2003: Weekend Wrapup - Party
07/23/2003: Another golden bullet
07/22/2003: Widget Shooting Up, the AC guy, and Red Hat prep
07/21/2003: As many as six impossible things
07/20/2003: Looking at the stars...
07/18/2003: Need sleep... head full of tech...
07/16/2003: Straight from the sewers to you!
07/16/2003: CD Pet Peeves
07/15/2003: The season for calamity
07/14/2003: Complaints about Bills
07/13/2003: "Those dirty [insert ignorance here]..."
07/11/2003: I am not old... am I?
07/11/2003: Rain rain go away....
07/08/2003: Stupid Allergies... or whatever
07/07/2003: CastleCon Wrapup
07/05/2003: Castlecon - Day 2
07/04/2003: At CastleCon!
07/03/2003: Not Ready for Con
07/01/2003: The Crazy Bird Lady
06/30/2003: Beach Party 2003 - Aftermath
06/25/2003: Hatteras Beach Trip 2003 - The Trip So Far...
06/21/2003: What is the Master Plan?
06/20/2003: Pre-beach Bingo
06/18/2003: Potty Potty Boomba-lotty
06/17/2003: Losing friends to ... anything
06/15/2003: Some Random Stuff - Nemo, Father's day, Replanting, Shopping for the Beach, and Slackware
06/12/2003: Best Friend - Worst Enemy
06/11/2003: My Geekiness
06/08/2003: Somehow, I always knew I'd never be pyschic...
06/07/2003: More about Installing Debian - The Punkie Way: KDE 3.1.2
06/06/2003: Installing Debian - The Punkie Way
06/06/2003: My New Friend Benny
06/03/2003: Dear Diary... shhhhh!
06/02/2003: Weekend Wrap-up: Housework, blowing up computers, and relatives having babies
06/01/2003: Really trying to forgive
05/30/2003: The Week is Over...
05/28/2003: Yaaawwn...
05/27/2003: My Thoughts on Guns
05/21/2003: How my writing's going
05/19/2003: Bitter World
05/17/2003: What If God Were One of Us...?
05/16/2003: The Matrix - Reveiwed
05/14/2003: Don't Do Drugs... okay, not all the time
05/12/2003: Weekend Wrap-up - Fisk Tank
05/10/2003: Shoot My Head Like a Rock Star...
05/09/2003: When did I grow up? Did I? Surely I would have been notified...
05/08/2003: What a pisser...
05/07/2003: The "Big Essay" List
05/06/2003: How to Mend a Broken Bone: Wait
05/05/2003: Weekend Wrap-up: Nate, X2, Katsucon, and Injury report
05/03/2003: Lodalpalooza. Oy vey.
04/30/2003: Re-Explaining for the third time...
04/29/2003: Little White Chevette...
04/27/2003: We were down for a little while
04/27/2003: What if you had a pity party and no one showed up?
04/25/2003: Isn't It Ironic
04/22/2003: Interpretation and communication: I miss good logical conversation
04/22/2003: Throwing Stuff Out of Second Story Windows
04/21/2003: When I Come Home
04/21/2003: Weekend Wrapup - Easter: Ikea, Legos, and Candy
04/16/2003: Pediatricians on Demand
04/15/2003: Yardwork
04/15/2003: Missing Sweden
04/12/2003: Great Day for a Daydream...
04/10/2003: I forgive you, McLean.
04/10/2003: No New York for me... have to buy furniture
04/07/2003: Weekend Wrapup - Science Olympiad
04/06/2003: Cargo Furniture - Reflections Part 2
04/03/2003: Cargo Furniture - Reflections Part 1
04/02/2003: Pain, pain, go away... aw, shut up, fatso!
03/31/2003: What a pain
03/28/2003: Another blessedly dull weekend
03/27/2003: Dumb Things My Work is Doing
03/26/2003: BURNINATE!!!
03/24/2003: Boring Weekend... thank God!
03/21/2003: "I'm doing fine!"... [No I'm not... liar!]
03/20/2003: Do you remember where you were when...?
03/19/2003: Happy Programmer
03/18/2003: Punkie Needs to Heed Warnings from Friends
03/18/2003: Thoughts of War
03/17/2003: General Good News
03/17/2003: The Toddlers of Dune
03/17/2003: Tale of Weirdness - Working at the Book Store
03/16/2003: Master of his Yard - plus Wireless hacks, Cody Banks, and KDE success
03/14/2003: There's a big bug going around.
03/14/2003: Rude Tech People
03/13/2003: On Having No Parents: Chores
03/12/2003: More Geekiness - Using Ports on OpenBSD Made Simple and Stupid
03/11/2003: "So, what's that, a bat or something?" International Weirdness.
03/10/2003: Funny animated shorts plus... some more geekiness!
03/09/2003: Slacker!
03/08/2003: Snow Damage as it Happens to Others
03/07/2003: It's the weekend
03/06/2003: Moderating Panels in Fandom
03/06/2003: Techy Geeky - X Windows on OpenBSD
03/06/2003: Just Back Away...
03/05/2003: Being all Techy-Geeky - Alternate O/Ss and Why I Use Them
03/04/2003: More Cable SNAFUs - The History of Punkie and TV
03/03/2003: Stuck in Traffic and Cool Pals on Tractors
03/02/2003: Lying: When you are accused
03/02/2003: MHS SF&F Club - A Tribute to a Band of Irregulars
03/02/2003: More snow... no cable
02/27/2003: Got a raise
02/26/2003: More snow, and maybe some good news
02/25/2003: What can you say?
02/24/2003: To do something truly evil...
02/24/2003: From the Abyss to Amphora's to a Party to CoffeeCon 8
02/20/2003: To return or not to return? Bah!
02/20/2003: The Status of my Den ... my House ... my Life...
02/19/2003: Stuck at home
02/18/2003: The weighty issue of snow
02/17/2003: Katsucon 9 - It's Snowtime!
02/14/2003: More on my work life
02/13/2003: How to Screw a Con: Hotel Catering Rules
02/11/2003: Please stop making fun of the French
02/11/2003: The Upcoming World Barfight
02/10/2003: Painful weekend
02/07/2003: Bored from the Rings...
02/06/2003: Jagged Pill - Brenda's Passing and the Aftermath
02/04/2003: More suckage
02/03/2003: Today's Education...
02/02/2003: Beach Bound
02/02/2003: Thinking of New York City
02/01/2003: Deja Vu
01/31/2003: Okay... s'not funny anymore!
01/29/2003: Cats and Dogs, Living Together, Mass Hysteria!
01/28/2003: Fighting the Sickness
01/27/2003: Superbowl Sunday Sickness
01/26/2003: Lewis Black, Money, and Lolita
01/23/2003: But I Was Just Following Orders!
01/23/2003: Why I'll Never Run a Convention
01/22/2003: Basic Online Dishonesty
01/22/2003: Neutralizing My Office
01/21/2003: What I Do All Day
01/20/2003: Computer fixed, lots of parties, and housework
01/19/2003: Computer Down! We have a computer down!
01/19/2003: Parallel Universe - What If I Had Succeeded at Suicide?
01/16/2003: Is Punkie Smart? No, but I am learning to be...
01/15/2003: Uncle Punkie's Famous Files
01/15/2003: Tales from techno-geeks in an in-duh-vidual post dotcom world
01/15/2003: Harry Potter Junkie
01/14/2003: Hair - Not just a mood musical from the 60s
01/13/2003: The Coffee Generation - "Hold on tight... to your dreams..."
01/11/2003: Computers are like people
01/10/2003: Punkie's Watery Realm
01/10/2003: Machines, Parties, and Ex-bosses
01/10/2003: The Gag Ball
01/09/2003: Three Teachers I Hated
01/09/2003: I am not a therapist
01/07/2003: Where's my hard drive?
01/07/2003: Do bad things always come in threes? Plus: Finding patterns and resolution
01/07/2003: Yo yo Punkie, wazzap?
01/06/2003: I love my job
01/06/2003: Why "Uncle Punkie?"
01/06/2003: Some updates to the blogging... and answers to the mail
01/06/2003: Lack of sleep... brain won't shut off.
01/03/2003: Evecon 20
01/03/2003: Self-gifting for Christmas

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